Link Building How-Tos, Weekly Roundup: 2011.05.27
By: Ben Wills |

For some reason, it seemed like this week was feeling short on link building guides and how-to content. But, looking back through the news, it's been a pretty fantastic week for link building content.

This week, we have a range of absolutely everything; automation, link building queries, resource lists, case studies and more.

Link Building Must Reads

A Campaign Prep Checklist For Link Builders

Most people want to jump in feet first and start linking without doing the prep work. You don’t have to do the prep work on the more basic linking or at all for that matter, but without it, you risk missing a lot of good information and may create more work for yourself in the end. I’ve outlined the prep questions and pre-campaign steps I use when launching a link marketing campaign; they’ve served me well through the years and can hopefully do the same for you.
 - Debra Mastaler

Linkbait and Content Marketing – What Are Your Goals

One of the most difficult conversations I have with new or perspective clients is about Linkbait and content marketing and explaining how its real goal isn’t to drive sales but to build links, build awareness, and send social signals to the search engines. To make this post useful and actionable, I’m going to take you through the process/planning stage for a former client I had who has since sold his business.
 - Michael Gray

Finding Fresh Linkers: Quick Linkfromdomain Hack

I was thinking of a quick scalable way to get some type of metric to judge fresh linkers. A way to differentiate from blogs like Ontolo that are currently active linkers from blogs like Stuntdubl, which have archives full of gold, but are no longer active linkers. I came up with a quick little hack to get a vague metric.
 - Justin Briggs

Notable Link Building Posts

3 Step Prospecting for Highly Productive Link Building Queries

Using a simple three-step process can deliver phenomenal results for link prospectors during the link building opportunity discovery process. Here's how it works.
 - Garrett French

30+ More Tools to Automate Your Link Building

Link building automation tools can help you manage relationships and outreach, enhance link building best practices, and eliminate some of the information management overhead that might otherwise bog you down. Tools can make link builders more effective by automating routine work, thus saving time, and freeing us to be more human...
 - Jeremy Bencken

I’d Like the Linkboating… I Mean Baiting, with a Side of Widget. Hold the Hard Work

I’d like to tell you some sort of magical secret to making easy linkbait and widgets that will always turn into a winner with little to no effort every time, but I don’t have that magical secret. What I have is a story about how we developed a relatively simple linkbait/widget idea, the steps we took to make it, how we rolled it out, and the results.
 - Adam Henige

How Your Reports Make Your Link Building Suck

Within business, language affects behavior, and reports are the language with which you communicate success to your clients. As such, the metrics you decide to report to your client affects how you’re executing your link building.
 - Justin Briggs

How Crimes and Bit**es Stealing Phones Helped Me Build Links

While helping him get through the unfortunate event, sitting in cop cars, etc I wasn’t thinking at all about links, but about 2 days later it hit me there’s an opportunity there…I couldn’t even help myself, because I look at the world through a link builders lens, and as such I think I’ll always see opportunity for links, even in tragedy.
 - Wil Reynolds

79 Link Building Resources – 2011 Edition

When it comes to SEO, advice changes as fast as Google and search engines themselves. Therefore, you will want the latest, most up to date resources when it comes to information, tools, and where to look for links.
 - Kristi Hines

10 Unorthodox Ideas For Local Citations & Links

Obtaining citations and links for a local business are important components of local search engine optimization. Yet, many businesses struggle with how to get links and mentions of their place. Here are 10 unorthodox ideas that could help you nab a few more valuable links.
 - Chris Silver Smith

How Layout Affects Link Placement and SEO

Not surprisingly, where links are placed on a website can have an effect on their link value and how the website can improve (or harm) search results. This is because certain blocks, or areas, of a website carry more weight than others.
 - Jordan Kasteler


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    It's an awesome post, Kristi. Thanks for putting it together for everyone!


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