Link Building How-Tos, Weekly Roundup: 2011.06.03
By: Ben Wills |

This week, we bring to you some great posts that may seem contrary to our own messaging here at Ontolo. Michael Martinez's post this week could be interpreted as speaking against the kind of link building research that we support and help you to achieve. Of course, it all depends on how you use the tools provided to you. Are you using them to execute common link building strategies, or are you using research and automation to improve your ability to build valuable relationships?

In addition to Michael Martinez's post, Rand offers a stroke of insight into what's worked well for him in many aspects of his life and the business of SEOmoz: building and leveraging relationships rather than slogging through the traditional link building process.

Link Building Must Reads

How to Get Testimonials (and Links) with Free Stuff

From the very earliest stages of product development it's important to gather people together and get them shouting about your product. As this word spreads more people will talk about you online and more links will occur as a result. So how do you get these people talking (and linking)? With free stuff!
 - Mike Essex

Why SEO Link Building Strategies Look More Pathetic Than Ever

Some people just don't get it. Search engine optimization is not, never has been, and most likely never will be about, primarily about, mostly about, or “just” about link building. Links are far more important to the unimaginative, inefficient, lazy search engine optimization specialists who don't understand what it means to actually optimize for search than they are to search engines.
 - Michael Martinez

Head Smacking Tip #20: Don't Ask Sites for Links. Find People and Connect.

If you've ever done this (for the first 2 years of my SEO career, it's practically all I did), you know how much it sucks. Conversion rates are low. Time/link is high. The ROI is there, but it's a painful, boring, awkward slog. I've got some good news. There's a better way.
 - Rand Fishkin

Notable Link Building Posts

Actionable Link Building Strategies

Today I wanted to talk about some actionable link building techniques that you can go away and start using straight away. I appreciate how difficult it can be to implement some of the link building techniques we talk about here, so I wanted to cover some which many of you should be able to use straight away.
 - Paddy Moogan

How to Get Links by Creating Content People Actually Want to Link To

... it's actually the content creation part of link building that takes most of the time and effort these days. Whole teams work on infographics, widgets or other content-driven link baiting campaigns. ... Before you actually get links, or rather before you create the content to get links to, you have to ask yourself a few questions.
 - Tad Chef

Creating a Link Building Dashboard

If you are actively building links as part of your SEO efforts, you are probably tracking your metrics, but are your metrics helping you? You should be actively watching KPI's to ensure your link building is heading in the right direction. This begs two questions two questions: What KPI's do I track and how do you record these metrics so that they are actionable?
 - Geoff Kenyon

Interview with Julie Joyce – The Link Specialist

This is my honor and privilege to share the interview with the lady who has been an inspiration to the most of the search marketers, especially the link builders. She owns the link building agency ‘Link Fish Media' and writes a lot about link building on her SEO blog...
 - Moosa Hemani

Why PageRank Isn't A Useful Metric For International Link Building

...I propose to dive deeper into how geo-targeting affects PageRank and why many need to adjust their thinking when thinking about generating international links.
 - Andy Atkins-Krüger

3 Effective Ways To Jumpstart Your Link Building

For a lot of people, link building is a drag. It's like going to the dentist or writing that tax check every quarter… you don't really want to do it but you know you have to. It's that drag factor that makes a lot of people look for short cuts and easy methods to hurry the process along and get maximum bang for the shortest buck. ... Here are a handful of the more foundational yet highly effective tactics anyone can use to jump-start linking efforts.
 - Debra Mastaler

What The Link Value Economy Hath Wrought

It's often said that paid links have created a false economy. As someone who has admittedly purchased links and contributed to that, I would definitely have to agree. I've caught loads of heck for buying links and there have been recent high-profile slaps for sites caught buying links, but what isn't often discussed is the role of the greedy webmaster in all of this.
 - Julie Joyce


  1. As roundup articles go, this

    As roundup articles go, this one was pretty good. :)

    My complaint is more about the quality of the VOLUME in which these articles appear. There are always a FEW good roundup articles and I like many others would hate to see them go.

    I just think that too many people who are learning how to blog about SEO are getting stuck in other bloggers' footprints and shadows. I just wanted to encourage people to challenge themselves to write something different, something better than what they've written before.

  1. You've been putting out some

    You've been putting out some awesome link building content, Michael. One of your posts from this week is already slated for the Must Reads section again. :)

    As for the volume and quality of posts and roundups, I've setup some aggregation to bring in a lot of SEO and link building posts to put this together. I'd say that about 5% of the link building content I review makes it into this list.

    As for the quality of roundups, we wanted to do something very specific here; link building how-tos and to also present a few key sentences so that readers could get a good idea of what was discussed so they could decide to read further or not.

    Before putting this format together, we discussed a lot of different ways it could be done. Perhaps that should be an article of its own. ;)


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