Link Building How-Tos, Weekly Roundup: 2011.06.10
By: Ben Wills |

I really love Hugo Guzman's post this week on how to present link building to clients. I've been doing SEO since the summer of 2001 and I still find that I'm changing and tweaking how I describe it. 10 years in and it's still difficult to do concisely. His post will certainly help if you're running into a similar situation.

And, maybe it's because I love large link building projects, but Dejan Petrovic's post on Link Building Managment is fantastic. I don't know of any other post that speaks so clearly and directly on how to manage large link building projects. Go read that post now.

Link Building Must Reads

Link Building Management

I will take you through methodology evolved within Dejan SEO team over the period of last two years which helped us manage extremely competitive SEO projects. Large-scale link building campaigns for multiple websites require well-defined workflow, scalability and structure.
 - Dejan Petrovic

How To Sell Link Building To Someone That Doesn't Know What It Is

More often than not, even if a marketing decision-maker is unclear on the general concept, they’re still comfortable allotting some of their budget towards conventional SEO tasks such as keyword research, optimizing of meta tags, etc. Heck, they may even be open to more complicated architectural and server-level activities. But when the topic of link building comes up, it’s easy to lose them completely.
 - Hugo Guzman

Tough Love: Link Building For The Real World

First we’re gonna talk about every SEO’s favorite topic – links. Leading us in the discussions are Justin Briggs, Eric Enge, Ross Hudgens, Roger Montti, and Conrad Saam. Look alive, friends, look alive.
Editor's note: How could you not love that panel?! Wish I had been there...
 - Lisa Barone

Notable Link Building Posts

Link Building Techniques

Listed below are several methods to use to generate inbound links. Many of these techniques are for finding highly related websites for website/blogger outreach.
 - Shimon Sandler

8 Tips for Blogger Outreach

It’s worth quickly covering off why I think SEOs should be building relationships through outreach - a responsive network of bloggers with whom you have an ongoing conversation can help make your promotion efforts much easier. Contacting bloggers cold and only when you want something is bound to be less successful than if you put the groundwork in first.
 - Rob Millard

Public Relations: Link Building On Steroids

There are lots of services out there that attach the “get more SEO” pitch to their product, just like adding the word was “turbo” is used to market everything from food processers to paint remover. Despite my intuition that this was a waste of time, I decided to scratch my curiosity itch to see what could get “more SEO on my website.
 - Conrad Saam

New Link Marketing Uses Old Link Building

Need a new link building technique or resource? Here’s a handful of old link building ideas tweaked and twisted to help you find new links.
 - Debra Mastaler

Content Link Building – Are You a Boring Publisher?

Once you post a website, you are a publisher (whether you really wanted to be a publisher or not.) ... The question is, are you a boring publisher?
 - Pel Abbott

How to Encourage the Link Proposals You Want to Receive

There is no stopping link requests. If you put up a contact form or publicize your email address, you’ll get plenty of daily or weekly link requests from bumbling SEO firms around the world (including some in the United States) who have no clue about what they are doing. So it hardly makes sense to actually INVITE people to send you link requests. You’ll be spammed off your own server.
 - Michael Martinez

Top 5 International Link Building Blunders

There are many ways to get international links. Like anything when it comes to link building, it isn't easy. If you know the blunders ahead of time, your odds of actually getting a link will greatly improve.
 - Michael Bonfils

Link Building Sustainability: The Increasing Value of Social & Traffic Signals

Over the past 2 or 3 months, it has become more evident than ever that linking shortcuts which were once simply frowned upon can now be detrimental to not only the rankings of a site, but also the brand itself; especially when link advertising methods are being thrust into the media spotlight.
 - Loren Baker

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