Link Building How-Tos, Weekly Roundup: 2011.06.17
By: Ben Wills |

Before diving into this week's fantastic posts that will help you to become a better link builder, we wanted to let you in on a quick demo video of the New Ontolo Link Building Toolset (Verion 3) that's coming out on June 28th. Here's a link to the 60 second video. We'll have lot's more details next week. So stay tuned.

Ross Hudgens kicks off with two fantastic posts this week, topping both lists. His first, "Build Great Content So You Can Buy Paid Links" is an essential read for anyone engaging in the white/black hat link building ethics debate. The bottom line in that post? Well. Go read it.

Link Building Must Reads

Build Great Content So You Can Buy Paid Links

My opinion is that low quality anchor text links can vault up domains when combined with the high authority, branded links that give the domains most of their strength. If we think about this identifier, combined with the potential for a small amount of the “black hat” lower value link building tactics to create a huge part of the value, we approach an annoying dilemma where the balancing beam of a) low quality links creating a huge rankings improvement b) heavy need for Google step-in to prevent this, and c) potential for easy competitive sabotage based on a low volume of manipulative links needed — happens to coalesce so beautifully that it throws the entire concept out of whack...
 - Ross Hudgens

13 Ways to Assess a Link Prospect

Assessing the quality of link prospects and sorting them using tools like Link Builder is crucial at every stage of a link building campaign. Get it right and you'll be way ahead of your competitors: spending time on link prospects will bring you the best business and SEO benefits. But how do you assess the quality of a link prospect? No more mystery in that - Ken McGaffin gives you 13 ways to assess a link prospect.
 - Ken McGaffin

Kicking Off a Linkbuilding Campaign with Questions

The more masochistic amongst us might relish the challenge [of link building], but I've found I get things done much more quickly, and get a much better ROI for clients, if I get to have a good old chinwag with them first; ideally face to face and with a nice cuppa and small pastry selection. ... With that in mind, I thought I'd share a little 'checklist' for some of the questions I like to ask.
 - Claire Carlile

Notable Link Building Posts

How to Find the Websites Likely to Link to You

... we can also identify websites that frequently link to us more often than most. Just as big, established businesses are the most likely to not link to us, it is those less sophisticated webmasters who are often the most likely to link to us.
 - Ross Hudgens

A New Perspective On Link Building

I think it is time to offer a new perspective on link building. Let's start thinking of it as relationship building instead. Please bear in mind, I'm not talking about low level linking tactics like social bookmarks, directory submissions or article publication. No real relationship is involved in acquiring these links.
 - Dan Deceuster

4 Reasons Your Link Request Might be Rejected

Creating a successful link request is about more than just using someone’s name because you found it on the “About” page. And if “nos” and silence are all you’re getting back, then most likely, it’s not them, it’s you. Here are only a few reasons why even personalized link requests may be declined.
 - Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Link Building - You Can’t Always Get What You Want

The ever insightful Claire Carlile wrote a post a few days on the importance of understanding the answers to core questions about both your client and your goals before embarking on a link building campaign. This got me to thinking about my recent somewhat haphazard yet I’d say still successful work in this area.
 - Annabel Hodges

The True Value of Links

That's life in SEO. Google flicks her tail, and some webmasters may never be heard from again. The solution to this problem isn't to hope and pray the dragon won't target you. The solution is to acknowledge that the dragon has the power to make your life miserable, and figure out ways to avoid that pain in future.
 - Peter Da Vanzo

Developing a Diversified SEO Link Portfolio

The overarching goal of any SEO link building campaign is to grow numerous links from many different, yet relevant, sources over time.
 - Nick Stamoulis

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