Link Building How-Tos, Weekly Roundup: 2011.06.24
By: Ben Wills |

Before diving into this week's fantastic posts that will help you to become a better link builder, we wanted to let you in on a quick demo video of the New Ontolo Link Building Toolset (Verion 3) that's coming out on June 28th. Here's a link to the 60 second video. We'll have lot's more details next week. So stay tuned.

Last week's White Board Friday has a great conversation between Ross Hudgens and Tom Critchlow. As someone who's interviewed, hired and trained several dozen SEOs, writers and account managers in the past 10 years, it's great hearing these guys talk about some of their own management and growth strategies.

Link Building Must Reads

Scaling Link Building - Whiteboard Friday

Link building can be the most tedious and time-consuming task of SEO. At least, that's how a lot of people feel about it. Ever want to know how to scale link building to avoid the pitfalls of wasted time and effort? This week, Tom Critchlow from Distilled interviews Ross Hudgens, an SEO currently working at Full Beaker in Bellevue, Washington, about some strategies you can use to scale your link building and get more links with less effort.
 - Ross Hudgens - Tom Critchlow

When Advanced Link Building No Rankings

So with that said, I wanted to share my presentation from last year’s Mozcon – to show you guys how I presented this issue last year, when I had a client who was getting stomped even after they got links from some of the oldest and most popular publications in the world ( I list those publications in the presentation and in the video). It was painful to see, and I decided to work on reverse engineering (to the best of my ability) search results...
 - Wil Reynolds

3 Common Link Building Questions Answered By 4 Experts

Once you spend time on the different forums, you’ll notice topic trends and similar questions pop up regularly. I thought it might be fun to pull three of the more commonly asked link building questions from two popular SEO forums and ask each of the Link Week columnists to weigh in with an answer.
 - Debra Mastaler

Notable Link Building Posts

Guest-Posting Dos & Don'ts: How to Get Your Guest Post Accepted

At WordStream, we're a fan of guest posting as a way of building links and relationships. But sometimes you put in the effort to write a post and the blog editor rejects it, or never gets back to you at all. That adds up to disappointment and a big waste of your time. If you're about to embark on a guest posting strategy, here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind. These tips will increase your chances of getting your guest post approved and published, links intact.
 - Elisa Gabbert

Link Building to Inner Pages at Will

Most of the articles we write about link building or SEO in general tend to be about theory, updates, and recommendation. To tell you the truth only a few articles here and there are actionable articles of "how to" category that tell you what to do, action style. Well, I'll try to tell you a few actionable tips on how to link build to your deeper pages at will without having to rely on webmasters for answers and still get some solid quality backlinks.
 - Zarko Zivkovic

Six Practical Tips for More Success with Guest Posts for Link Building

With the rise of blogging more and more SEO Link building campaigns have come to rely on guest posting on other sites as a means of generating the kind of trusted editorial links which the search engines love. So beyond the basic advice to try guest posting, what can you do to try and ensure that you guest post campaign is successful? Below are six pieces of advice which have helped me in my guest posting efforts.
 - Kelvin Newman

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