Link Building Round Up: 1

We consume TONS of link building related content. To give back to the creators and publishers we're going to start publishing our reading list for the week. If you've written content that you'd like to see on this list, or on our future lists, please contact me at Garrett.French[-at-]Ontolo.com, or @GarrettFrench on Twitter. As I continue to post links to great content I will continue to work on my overall presentation!

I find the majority of my content these days via twitter - check out the folks I follow if you'd like to tap into the link building content stream.

First and foremost is Wiep's monthly roundup. I feel an actual, roller-coaster swooping thrill when my work appears in his list - it's an honor. Thank you Wiep for your tireless work for the link building thought space!

>> Link Building this Month (04.2010)

I'm leaving out many of the stories/articles that he mentions. You should ALWAYS read Wiep.

>> Must Reads This Week:
All webmasters are so "savvy" now; it's ridiculous
Whiteboard Friday - What Kind of Links Do You Need?
Comparing the cost of link building vs. link buying
Patrick Altoft's Internet World Presentation on Link Building for Ecommerce Sites
What is Content Based Link building all about?
A Natural Link Love Story

>> More Strong Content:
Whiteboard Friday - Facebook's Open Graph WON'T Replace Google
Five Fatal Flaws in a Link Request
3 Creative Ideas to Use Google for Link Building Search
The Great Content That Attract Links and Gets Top Ranking
Build Links with a Killer Sales Promotion
What is anchor text, and why is it so darn important for SEO?
The Medium Is The Message In Link Building

>> Link Building Tools:
Pinger: Fast and Fun Page Link Checker (FireFox)
Keep Track of Your (Link Building) Contacts with SEJ Tools
Another Big Roundup of Link Tools

>> By or About Ontolo:
Link Building Interview with Ontolo’s Garrett French and Ben Wills
How To Build Links Faster: 5 Tips For Faster Link Qualification
Link Building with Content: 29 Queries for Content-Based Link Builders
No More Link Begging: 4 Engagement Methods for Content-Based Link Building
7 Ways to Measure the Link Opportunities in Your Keyword Space
7 Ways to Use Keywords for Link Building Campaign Design
Link Building Campaign Prep: 6 Steps BEFORE You Start Link Prospecting
The Link Builder’s Guide to Conducting a Linkability Audit: It’s YOU, Not THEM!
How To Build Links Faster: 5 Tips For Faster Link Qualification

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