Link Building Round Up: 2, Reasonable Surfer Edition

More yummy link building goodness for all you link builders out there! Here's the Ontolo round up of link building articles from the past week. If you have submissions for the round up, get them to me before next Thursday (Garrett.French[at]Ontolo.com) ;)

>> Must Reads This Week:
Google's Reasonable Surfer: How the Value of a Link May Differ Based upon Link and Document Features and User Data
Top 15 Signs That Your Links Are Not Natural
Viral Link Building; Build Links Quickly
Link Building is All About Answering One Question
Breathe New Life Into Your Emailed Link Requests
Some Backlinks Deserve to Have Their Backs Scratched

>> More Strong LB Content:
Interview with Link Builder Kaila Strong
2 (Alternative) Ways to Share Your Guest Posts on Your Own Blog
Link-Building Campaigns: 8 Common Mistakes in Link Request Emails

>> By or About Ontolo:
The Link Builder's Guide to Competitive 'How-To' Content Analysis
Link Building Round Up: 1
4 Engagement Methods for Content-Based Link Building (reprint)
77 Experts in 3 Group Interviews: A Quick Comparison for Content-Based Link Builders

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