Link Prospecting: Week 03, Link Building Strategies Video Series
By: Ben Wills |

First off, if you made it through last week's 50 minute epic video on link building campaign design...pat yourself on the back. ;) Second, this week's is only just more than 22 minutes on Link Prospecting.

The shortened video below, covers less than half of this. If you register (it's free!) you'll get immediate access to a higher-quality video that's has almost three times as much information. Once you register, just head to this page to view the full video!

In this week's video on Link Prospecting, you will discover the following:

  • How to center link prospecting efforts on Linkable Assets or Link Opportunity Types
  • A battle-tested process for identifying your search engine competitors that's so great, almost every business we've shown this to has found out about well-performing competitors they previously didn't know existed.
  • The subtle difference between relevance-based link building and backlink-based link building.
  • The three sources of relevance-based link prospects, including Search Results, Link Building Queries, and Social Media Monitoring.
  • The two sources of backlink-based link prospects, including Competitor Backlinks and Multiple-citation Analysis.
  • How to use Trackur, a Social Media Monitoring Tool, for having link prospects come to you.
  • How you can use SEOMoz and Majestic SEO backlink data for large-scale multiple-citation analysis.
  • The three Ontolo Link Building Tools to help you dramatically reduce your time spent on link prospecting.


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