New Ontolo Feature: Competitive Backlink Monitor Campaign Integration
By: Ben Wills |

There was always this thing missing from the Ontolo Link Building Toolset.... we had a tool to setup various link prospecting campaigns, we had the details for a full campaign, but we only reported on link prospects.

Today, that's changed.

We've now integrated both the Competitive Backlink Monitor and the SERP Dominator into the link building toolset at the campaign level. This means that for each campaign, these will now run automatically, providing you with critical campaign performance data.

The good news? The integration is seamless. Simply go through the Campaign Manager and all of the information is automatically setup for you.

For those that might not know, the Competitive Backlink Monitor records key competitive link building campaign data. On a weekly basis, the following information is recorded and can then be reported:

  • Google Backlink Count
  • PageRank of the Domain's Home Page
  • SEOmoz Backlinks
  • SEOmoz Page Authority
  • mozRank
  • mozTrust

With the Competitive Backlink Monitor, you can report on all of the above metrics for a single competitor over time, or you can select a single metric and report on all competitors over time for that metric. It's pretty nifty, and who doesn't like to have their improvements monitored over time?

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Ben Wills & Andy Davidoff


For more information on the individual updates today, check out the information below:

Ontolo Toolset Update: Version 3.2

Agencies and folks who manage multiple campaigns may get the most from this release. This update is designed for significantly easier campaign management, integration with other campaign measurement and competitive reporting tools, and the ability to be notified as targeted link prospects are discovered on a daily or weekly basis.

Because this feature update has so many new, distinct feature, we've split it up into multiple posts.

Here is a List of Today's Updates & Announcements:

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