Ontolo Features, Functions & Bitchin' Bugs Update: 2011.07.15
By: Ben Wills |

With the most recent version of the Link Building Toolset, we wanted to keep you up to date with more of the changes that go on behind the scenes.

We put a lot of work each day into the Toolset for you, and a lot of that work, while improving how well you're able to use the Toolset, often goes unnoticed. Sometimes, we may have even made updates to things that you were looking for, but wouldn't have known unless you had submitted a trouble ticket.

What we'll be trying out for the next few weeks is a weekly update of changes we've made. Sometimes, they'll be things that you have run into or would have run into, others, they'll be things you never would have thought to check.

Without further ado, I present to you, the weekly: Ontolo Features, Functions & Bitchin Bugs Update.

Behind the Scenes

SEOmoz Rate Limiting
One of the bigger things we improved was how rate limiting is handled when we query SEOmoz's API. We were getting rate limited more often than we thought we needed to. So, we completely rewrote this portion of the code to be precise within a microsecond. While testing, we went back and forth with the Dev team at SEOmoz to get it nailed down. Huge thanks to Carin Overturf, Sarah Bird and Kate Matsudaira for their help with this.

Better Backup Automation
Since Andy came on board, our systems administration has significantly improved. One of the first things he implemented last year was a solid backup system. Some parts of the backup process have been manual. All of that has now been automated and applied to some other new systems we've recently setup as well (CRM and Project Management).

MXLogic Whitelisting
At some point, one of our MTAs was misconfigured and may have been leading to some SPF checks failing. We submitted an unblocking request, which they completed.

In Front of the Scenes

Toolset Design Changes
While we released major design changes with this version, there are often things that you want to improve after you see something live and being used. For whatever reason, that brings more clarity to me. Combined with discovering some CSS we were using that had been licensed for non-commercial use, we nearly completely rewrote the displayed CSS for the front-end tools.

Lowered Prospecting Phrase Restrictions
Previously, you couldn't add certain characters into your prospecting phrases. This prevented things like quotes, asterisks, etc, from being used on the prospecting side of your account setup. We've rewritten this to include a lot more useful characters, as well as better error reporting for the times when you add something that isn't supported. Huge thanks to Gary at Thunder SEO for his help with this.

Relevance Scoring
The way we were applying Relevance Keywords to search queries was done in a way that worked, but wasn't as accurate as it could have been. This has been fixed so Relevance Scores should be even more accurate.

Competitive Backlink Monitor Changes
There were a few things we fixed/improved with the Competitive Backlink Monitor. Most of it was minor stuff that most users wouldn't notice. Two of the main changes are: 1, displaying a dash instead of a -1 where there is no data, and 2, when a report doesn't have results, we now display a message that there are no results yet rather than simply displaying a blank report.

Improved Messaging for User Inputs
Previously, whenever you added an entry into a "grid" in the toolset, you would click a button to add an item, then have a blank line added for your input. We thought that might be confusing to some users, so we've added a note in that shows you the new entry and where to change it.

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