Help Direct Future Ontolo Tools with the Ontolo Feedback Community
By: Ben Wills |

I was sitting in the office of Napkin Labs earlier today. I was there to check out, what I call, their "Feedback Community" application. You see, we're at the point with our link building tools where we believe we have a pretty decent foundation for a link building application that can be useful for almost any link builder.

There's just one problem.

We're making these tools for you to help you become a better link builder, but haven't setup a very effective system for collecting and organizing your feedback. We use ZenDesk for trouble tickets, feature requests, etc, and we've sent out surveys (And had tremendous responses. Thank you!), but there's something....stale about those methods of discovering what you really want from a link building tool. We believe that how Napkin Labs is solving the feedback problem just might be a better solution for us and, ultimately, for you.

What we've done is setup a new (free) community where you can all collaborate, as a community, on what kinds of problems we can solve for you with both free and paid Ontolo Tools.

In the Ontolo Feedback Community, there are areas where we've provided some specific ideas where we'd love to hear your feedback. We've also setup some others areas where you can suggest ideas in a more freeform manner. Ultimately, the question we're asking ourselves is "What else don't we know about the day to day challenges of link builders, and how can we help?" there's a neat scoring system for replies, new ideas, up and down votes...basically, participation. This ultimately allows us to better recognize and appreciate each of you who so generously contribute your time and feedback.

If you're interested in helping us build better link building and marketing tools for you, sign up for the Ontolo Feedback Community (it's quick and free).

We'd can't wait to start working together on making the marketing tools you want.


Ben Wills & Andy Davidoff

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