The Ontolo Link Building Library: 77 Resources for Link Builders

Link builders, at the risk of driving down our link building book sales, we humbly submit to you the complete Ontolo link building library of free content we've published over the past 2 years. We preach - and continually practice - an approach that drives not only links, but relevant traffic, brand recognition and conversions. This collection of our articles is a fantastic resource for highly-motivated beginning to intermediate link builders seeking to accelerate their journey towards link building mastery.

We published this collection of resources today to celebrate the announcement of our upcoming Ontolo Link Building Toolset launch >> Our new toolset automates the prospecting and qualification portions of link building.

18 Link Building Campaign Design Resources

The most important - and most neglected - first step of link building is campaign design. This includes everything from assessing your organization's assets to identifying link opportunity niches to conducting competitor backlink analysis.

  1. Link Building Campaign Design: Week 02, Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series
  2. 7 URL Selection Tips for Link Builders: How to Choose Which Pages to Build Links Into
  3. The Link Builder’s Guide to Conducting a Linkability Audit: It’s YOU, Not THEM!
  4. 10 Goals For Link Building Campaigns: Moving Beyond “Get More Links”
  5. Linkable Asset Inventory: A Starting Point For New Link Building Campaigns
  6. 30 Link Builders Discuss Backlink Analysis For Campaign Design – Part 1
  7. 71 Technical Factors For Backlink Analysis (From 30 Link Building Experts) – Part 2
  8. How to Conduct a Link Opportunity Inventory (Plus 9 Common Link Opportunity Types)
  9. 4 'Preciprocity' Templates for Content-Based Link Builders
  10. 7 Ways to Measure the Link Opportunities in Your Keyword Space
  11. 7 Ways to Use Keywords for Link Building Campaign Design
  12. Link Building Campaign Prep: 6 Steps BEFORE You Start Link Prospecting
  13. No More Link Begging: 4 Engagement Methods for Content-Based Link Building
  14. 10 Link Opportunity Segments that Increase Link Acquisition Efficiency and Conversion Rates
  15. 3 Goals and 20 KPIs for Large Scale Link Building Campaigns
  16. Use Link Prospect Segmentation to Create Content, Conversations and High Rankings
  17. The Holiday Link Building Blitz: A Plan for eCommerce Sites
  18. The International Link Building Guide

9 Linkable Content Creation Resources

Content remains one of the most powerful and flexible of all linkable assets. If you can solve the link problem with great content you'll find that you're also driving leads and industry recognition.

  1. Content-Based Link Opportunity Analysis: Building Links With Content
  2. The Link Builder's Guide to Competitive 'How-To' Content Analysis
  3. How To Research, Create And Distribute Highly-Linkable Content
  4. 62 Queries for Writing Ultimate Guides that Build Links, Leads and Legacy
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Writing Ultimate Guides - Part 2: Build Links, Leads and Legacy
  6. Link Building With Content: How To Attract Links And Leads
  7. Link Building With Interviews: How Thought Leadership Builds Links & Leads
  8. 6 Thoughts on Expert-Engagement Surveys for Link Building
  9. 77 Experts in 3 Group Interviews: A Quick Comparison for Content-Based Link Builders

16 Link Prospecting Resources

Link prospecting is the process of discovering prospects who are likely to respond to your linkable assets by linking. If your link prospecting methods are in line with your linkable assets then you're on your way to solving the link prospect qualification problem as well.

  1. Link Prospecting Methods: Backlink Analysis vs. Search Queries
  2. The Link Builder’s Guide To Analyzing SERP Dominators For Link Opportunities
  3. 21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries
  4. 14 Link Prospecting Queries for Discovering Your Company's Related Verticals
  5. Link Building Query Theory: 7 Crucial Keyword Types for Link Prospect Querying
  6. 70 Online PR Queries for Press Release Link Builders
  7. 106 Sponsorship-Based Link Building Queries
  8. 124 eCommerce Link Building Queries
  9. 74 B2B Link Building Queries for B2B SEO Link Prospecting
  10. Link Prospecting: Week 03, Link Building Strategies Video Series
  11. 44 Local Link Building Queries for Citation Prospecting and Opportunity Analysis
  12. Phone Number Co-Citation Analysis for Local Link Builders
  13. Simple Linkbait Co-Citation Analysis for Link Prospecting
  14. "Round Up" Writer Queries: Link Building Prospects for Your Linkable Content
  15. Link Building with Content: 29 Queries for Content-Based Link Builders
  16. Backlink Data Collection Processes and Tools

10 Link Prospect Qualification Resources

Qualifying link prospects is one of the most tedious parts of link building. However, it's vital, and can dramatically increase your link acquisition response rates!

  1. 16 Ways to Measure a Link's Marketing Value (Beyond Search Rank Influence)
  2. 55 Link Opportunity Qualifiers Within Large Scale Link Prospect Data Sets
  3. 8 Purchase Influence Indicators for Links that Influence Rankings AND Purchase Decisions
  4. How To Build Links Faster: 5 Tips For Faster Link Qualification
  5. A Guide To Qualifying Link Prospects For Relevance, Value & Potentiality
  6. How to Review 5,000 Link Prospects & Collect 1,500 Contacts with Amazon's Mechanical Turk
  7. How to Review 250 Link Prospects in One Hour: Link Building How-Tos Day
  8. How You Can Assess Great Links: Link Qualification: Week 04, Link Building Strategies Video Series
  9. Link Building 101: 9 "Reach Metrics" for Evaluating Guest Publishing Opportunities
  10. 5 Factors that Determine a Link's Value to Your Rankings

11 Link Acquisition Resources

Link outreach. Link Begging. Link requests. Whatever you call it, there comes a time when you've simply got to dive in and get to work promoting your linkable assets. Here's how to get the most out of this critical stage.

  1. The Anatomy of an Influential Link Request Email, Part 01
  2. The Anatomy of an Influential Link Request Email, Part 02
  3. Link Request Emails, Preciprocation & More! Link Outreach and Acquisition How-To
  4. 12 Ways to Maximize Your Link Acquisition Efforts
  5. 5 Questions that Increase Your Link Request Conversions
  6. Link Building Outreach: 5 Steps To Maximize The Value Of Every Opportunity
  7. 17 Ways to Accelerate Links to Your Link Bait (and Other Highly Linkable Content)
  8. Link Building 101: Link Begging vs. Link Acquisition
  9. 9 Tips for Effective Link Acquisition
  10. 12 Powerful Offers that Build Links in Your Link Acquisition Phase
  11. Link Request Rejections: 6 Ways to Grow from No

5 Link Building Definitions and Basics

  1. Link Building 101: "What's Working Well for You Now?"
  2. Link Building 101: Can You Publish Onsite?
  3. Link Building 101: Linkable Assets vs. Link Opportunity Types
  4. Link Building 101: Link Prospecting vs. Link Prospect Qualification
  5. Link Building 101: Market-Defining Keywords vs. SEO Keywords

5 Link Building and Beyond Resources

  1. Introducing the Link Strategist + 4 Ways to Add "Link Thinking" Into Every Project
  2. Link Building Workshop 2: From "Link Builder" to "Link Strategist"
  3. Backlink Analysis: 20 Uses Beyond Link Building, Part 3 of 3
  4. 4 Ways to Communicate (and GROW) Big Link Wins
  5. Building Hub Links: a 5 Point Strategy Guide for Creative SEOs

3 Ontolo Interviews

  1. Link Building Interview with Ontolo’s Garrett French and Ben Wills
  2. Link Building Tool Interview with Garrett French
  3. Link Building Q&A with Ben Wills, CEO and Co-Founder of Ontolo

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