Our Biggest Announcement Yet: The Next Version of the Ontolo Link Building Toolset
By: Ben Wills |

I can't begin to describe how grateful Garrett and I are to announce the next version of the Ontolo Link Building Toolset. We've worked hard over the past two years to help make link building easier for you. Today, we have announced the link building toolset that we first imagined being able to provide in order to make link building much, much easier. In fact, we believe that the current toolset can more than double your link building productivity - gaining you twice as many links as you're currently acquiring, without investing a single minute more of your time - by integrating metrics and analysis never seen before in link building tools.

When Garrett and I first set out on this journey in July of 2008, we were pained to see that the link building market was unnecessarily under-served...most link building tools out there simply don't do the job of quickly identifying your most relevant and valuable link prospects. The existing offerings are clunky, inefficient and, often, create even more work for you than necessary. We saw a way to change that and have been working hard for you over the past two+ years to bring you a better solution.

SEO is tough and link building is the dirtiest, muckiest, most difficult and time consuming part of the process. We hope that the new Link Building Toolset might make that much, much easier for you.

Today, Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim has been generous enough to publish the announcement with an overview and screenshots. Garrett and I have both worked for Andy for many years. Andy even helped me break into SEO in 2001 and was my first manager in this industry. We're incredibly thankful that he's agreed to help us break the news of this new offering.

Here are the key links and details for the announcement

First, we will only be taking on 250 new customers for the launch of this next version. I can't say if we will sell out, but we believe the total reach of the partners we are working with is well over 100,000 SEOs.

Next, today is the last day to get the toolset at the current pricing. The price will be increasing after tonight, likely by more than 50%. In order to get all of the last minute changes in place, we will not be taking on new customers beginning at midnight tonight. If you want to get the toolset at the current pricing, click Here to sign up. Note that if you do sign up today, you will not receive access to your prospects until after October 12, when we launch the new service. At that time, we'll also "catch you up" on making sure you get your prospects from these two weeks.

As I mentioned before, Garrett and I are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring this level of link building tools to you. Thank you all for being a part of this with us over the past two+ years.




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    this link is broken

    The Link Building Tool to Beat All Others!

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    Thanks and fixed!


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