Our First Link Building Video: Introducing the Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series
By: Ben Wills |

Hey folks! Ben Wills, here.

It turns out that I'll be putting together some pretty useful link building videos every week over the next few months (at least!) that uncover some of the link building secrets and lessons we've learned over the past several years. And, well, this week's video is here to introduce the series that we're calling the Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series.

(If you haven't figured it out yet, Garrett and I much prefer descriptive naming of things and *might* be a bit long-winded at times. Maybe...)

This first video is a quick introduction to the series, explaining a bit about our overarching link building philosophy and where we're coming from in the series. This video is a bit more casual, and beginning next week will get much more in-depth into both analysis and step-by-step actions that you can take.

In each week's videos, we'll uncover very specific steps that you can take to improve all stages of your link building process. This is everything from automation, to our creative process, to content strategy design, to human dynamics and outreach emails. Through it all, we'll be showing you how to leverage our free link building tools and our free worksheets to improve your link building campaign performance...look out for new material to be introduced first in the videos, too!

Best of all: It's all free. We'll have short clips from the week on YouTube, then will have a registration page to view the longer videos (usually 20-30 minutes) in a higher quality format on ontolo.com.

Here's the video...scroll down a bit more for how you can contribute to help make this videos more useful for your efforts and for a (rough!) outline of what's to come!

You've got link building questions, right? (Who doesn't?) Send them my way! Whenever possible, I'll integrate the answers into the videos and write-ups, give you credit in the video, and, yes, I'll also give you a link. It's only fair, right? ;-)

If this all sounds like it might be useful, here's a rough outline of what you can look forward to in the coming weeks. Send me any questions to ben[dot]wills{at}ontolo[dot]com!

  • Link Building Campaign Design
  • Link Prospecting Strategies
  • Link Qualification Strategies
  • Link Outreach Strategies
  • Relevance-Based Link Building Strategies
  • Content-Based Link Building Strategies
  • Automating and Optimizing Link Prospecting
  • Automating and Optimizing Link Qualification (How to Value a Link)
  • Automating and Optimizing Link Outreach
  • Advanced Link Building Strategies

I'm really looking forward to putting together some great content for you all. Let me know how I can help!


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