Preview: Ontolo V4 Screenshots & Service Upgrades
By: Ben Wills |

V4 of the Ontolo Toolset is being released next week, the week of November 14th.

We're way stoked.

Service-Level Upgrades

As a part of this release, in addition to a number of new features and tools, we're also increasing all of our service levels. The three changes are:

  • Doubling Prospects for each account level.
  • Tripling Campaigns for each account level.
  • Solo Account Upgrades: We're adding SEOmoz, Alexa, Custom Tags and Custom Notes. Every account level will now have the same features, with the only difference being the number of prospects and campaigns.

Awesome Jamz

If you really want to get in the headspace we've been in over the past 6 weeks of sprinting toward this redesign, here are a couple tracks from Andy and I. Theme songs for the redesign, if you will.

From Ben

Dubtribe Sound System - Do It Now

Rammlezee vs K-Rob - Beat Bop (NSFW)

From Andy

Fleet Foxes - The Shrine / An Argument

J-Live - Longevity (NSFW)

A Simplified Campaign Manager

We've designed and compartmentalized the Campaign Manager in a more intuitive way: by marketing discipline.

This makes it very easy to setup a new campaign. Use the left navigation to see the completeness of your campaign. All configuration is now here in one central location.

Quickly Find Relevant and Valuable Link Prospects

If you're familiar with our current search form, you might notice that we've gone from around 50 inputs on about a dozen tabs. Now, you get full control of your most important metrics, all in an interface that's quick and easy to use.

Use advanced queries that mimic many of Google's advanced operators, define link types, and set ranges for key metrics to quickly find relevant and valuable, high-quality backlinks.

You might also notice that you can also quickly and easily set Qualification Statuses for easier workflow management.

Did you notice the "site:.edu" in the query box? That only scratches the surface...

Search for *Relevant* Competitor Backlinks, by Phrase or Type.
No One Else in the World Offers This.

Using competitor backlink profiles for link prospecting is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get.

With Ontolo, you control exactly what you get. By giving you the flexibility of searching for page topics that mention your competitors, you'll always find relevant backlinks. Adding in our Link Type algorithms, you can research the kinds of links your competitors have achieved by searching Link Types such as guest posts, directories, sponsored links and more.

It's never been easier, and no one else but Ontolo gives you this capability.

Monitor and Visualize Competitor Backlink Scores Over Time

Stay on top of your competitors' progress (or compare yours against theirs) by monitoring their PageRank, mozRank, mozTrust, Domain Authority, # of Root Linking Domains and # of Google Backlinks, each and every week.

If you're an agency, this makes for a great client report.

Quickly & Easily Research Top-Linked Content for Brainstorming or Promotion

Looking for new content ideas? Looking for new content distribution partners? Search for top-linked content in your industry, by topic or by link type.

Find new promotion outlets by identifying sites that have published content that has successfully gained links. Get new ideas for content by researching what has already been successful at gaining links.

Again, no one else in the world offers this kind of content marketing research tool.

Monitor Your Keyword Landscape Over Time

Most of us think of our competitors as companies that sell the same products or services as we do. Rarely, however, do we consider our competitors those who are consistently ranking across our keyword landscape.

Quickly uncover new search ranking competitors. See who's making moves on your keyword landscape. Discover previously-unknown, successful sites for pulling backlink profiles or studying their content and social media marketing strategies.

Find Out as Soon as V4 is Available

Add your email address to the Announcements Email List to make sure you find out as soon as this is available to you as a 100% free trial.


  1. Great work guys! You keep

    Great work guys! You keep adding great value to your tools.

    Love that Monitor Competitor Backlinks.


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