Quick Ontolo Toolset Update: V4 Coming Soon
By: Ben Wills |

Hey folks,

We know things have been quiet here on the homefront (and I've got a stack of emails to respond to as well), but wanted to let everyone know that we've been working 12+hour days every day (that's seven, not five, days a week) over the past several weeks to get the next version of the Ontolo Toolset released. Right now, it's looking like it'll be some time in November depending on how some of these new tools go.

What are we changing? Well, three main things, really.

First, the interface is getting completely overhauled with something that, based on the feedback we've received, is "bringing a more simple interface to complex functionality." Another reason for the front-end overhaul is that I'll be able to work alongside Andy in making new tools and changes. Look for a significant spike in the frequency and quality of new tools we release.

The next change is completely reorganizing how we present the tools for you. Right now, we - along with every other marketing tool company on the internet - do a terrible job of organizing tools around your process. Here with the Ontolo Toolset, that's all about to change.

Finally, in recognizing the fact that link building touches so many more parts of your business than just links, we're bringing the core of Ontolo technology - the application of topical relevance to large-scale marketing research - beyond link building. We're taking a couple of small steps with this first release, and look for that to begin expanding over the next several months.

Keep your ear to the ground for announcements and more posts about how these fundamental changes will fit more seamlessly with the processes you already have in place.

To be sure you get all of the announcements, head on over to the announcements email signup page.

We're really looking forward to bringing you this next version of the Ontolo Toolset.



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