Quickly Finding Highly-Targeted & Valuable Guest Post Opportunities with Ontolo
By: Ben Wills |

One of the most common questions we get in the Ontolo Help Desk is how to find specific kinds of link opportunities. Of those, Guest Posts might be the most commonly requested link type. Below is a modified and expanded response to one of our customers on how to do this with the Ontolo Link Building Toolset.

On the topic of searching for Guest Posts in particular, there are a couple things you can do. It helps to think of using Ontolo to find the Guest Posts that have already been published on certain topics that are similar to the posts you’re looking to promote. If a blogger, publisher or website owner has already published a Guest Post on that topic, they would be someone you would approach for distributing your own Guest Posts. The idea here is that once someone publishes a Guest Post on SEO or Link Building, they’re more likely to publish your Guest Post on SEO or Link Building.

How we've seen Guest Posting strategies work best in general, and how to get the most out of the Ontolo Toolset, is to have your Guest Posts already written or outlined, then to pitch those specific posts titles to other bloggers/publishers. We see a much higher placement rate with this. It also allows you to use the Ontolo toolset to find even more targeted opportunities, leading to both higher placement rates and a higher level of relevance to the audiences you're approaching through their blogs.

Here are some blog posts that have done a fantastic job of outlining a process for marketing your Guest Posts:

Let's run through an example of how to use the Link Building Toolset to find Guest Posts in your market that have been published. Once you’ve found sites that have published Guest Posts about your market, you’re set with a list of sites to approach for placing your own Guest Posts.

If you are looking to place a Guest Post about rock climbing ropes, you would ideally post somewhere that has written about one of the following:

  • rock climbing ropes
  • climbing ropes
  • climbing gear
  • outdoor sports gear
  • rappelling ropes
  • rappelling gear

For a higher placement rate and relevancy, you would find sites that have already written about "climbing gear." And, even more ideally, you'd find sites that have published Guest Posts written about "rock climbing ropes."

When it comes to searching in the Ontolo toolset, we recommend searching in the body text using queries such as:

Searching on the Advanced Search tool, using the "Text Search" tab.

If you'd like a simpler query to start with, you might use something like:

Searching on the Basic Search.

The quality and relevancy may be lower, and it may be less thorough, but it might be good for an initial search to get a feel for the dataset. By default, we also sort your results by Relevance, bringing "climbing rope guest posts" higher in your list of results.

Now, there's one other recommendation that I have, especially if you're going to spend a lot of time searching for Guest Posts. It's a feature that we've implemented so that you don't have to figure out all of the permutations of "Guest Post" (ie: "guest author," "guest writer," etc) to make sure you're including in your query. It's the "Link & Content Types" tab on the Advanced Search tool.

In this tab, you can search directly for the specific kinds of link opportunities you're looking for, including Guest Posts. Once you select that option, behind the scenes, we create the the more advanced queries to find exactly what you're looking for.

If you go to the advanced search form, and put into the body and/or title text search box:

rock climbing rope*

...then go to the "Link & Content Types" tab and select Guest Post under Link Types, then click the "Click to Search Prospects" button at the top, you should get a fairly thorough list of Guest Posts that have been published about rock climbing ropes. Then, it's simply refining your body and title searches from there, without the need to add things like "Guest Post" etc. to your queries.

"Guest Posts" selected on the "Link & Content Types" tab.

If you’re reading this and have any questions, whether you’re an existing customer or considering the toolset for your own use, feel free to comment below or submit a ticket in the Ontolo Help Desk. We can even setup a phone call to help you design your campaigns so that they’re in line with your objectives.

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