What it Takes to Rank for the Top Keywords in the Hotel Industry: 2012.04.04
By: Ben Wills |

Today's Ranking Factors Report is for the top Hotel-related keywords:

  • lodging
  • hotel
  • hotels and lodging
  • hotel accommodation
  • accommodation

These keywords represent a cumulative US search volume of more than 668,000,000 searches per month and more than 3,000,000,000 competing web pages.

This report analyzes the top 1,000 Google search results for each of the five keywords listed above. We then crawl these results and collect data on the ranking websites. We do this to better understand what SEO and Link Building metrics (e.g. SEOmoz scores, PageRank scores, keyword density scores, etc) to target in order to rank for these keywords. The report contains more than 20 charts and graphs with this aggregated data.

Click here to view the SEO Ranking Factors for the Hotel Industry →

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