RIP Ontolo V4... Why?
By: Ben Wills |

When people leave, we ask why.

These are some of the things they've said.


"The UI is extremely annoying to use"

"The layout is crap"

"I found it clunky and difficult to use"

"needs a LOT of work to make it user friendly"

"I got very confused with the tool"

"Horrible usability."

"Get a better interface. Not good."

"I was annoyed over not figuring out how the tools work"

"This just seemed so difficult"

And the one that hurts most to hear, let alone share...

"probably the worse SEO tool I have tried thus far"



You told us to. So we did...

Ontolo V4 is being completely trashed tomorrow.

After today, you will never see Ontolo V4 again.





Tune in tomorrow.


Ben & Andy



  1. being honest is one way of

    being honest is one way of getting more customers..,like to see the new version which would be more easy to understand..,

  1. "Well done" on sharing those

    "Well done" on sharing those quotes.
    It says wonderful things about your Team's ability to face issues.
    (Tangibly - it convinced a prospect like me it's worth the risk to sign up for your free trial :)

    Btw - It's almost as good but not quite as this other firm's list of short-comings - http://www.bvp.com/portfolio/antiportfolio


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