SES San Francisco, Live Blogging, Twitternation & Automation; Tracy Falke, Paul Madden, Jeff Pulver
By: Ben Wills |

Not sure if I missed Paul Madden or if I missed Jeff Pulver.....


Tracy Falke

"Sentiment Analysis is bullshit." (Pulver doesn't like that!)

Jeff Pulver jumping in saying that you need to be on always in real time. Pressing Tracy about what gets automated.

Tools Tracy Uses:

Pulver is pushing Tracy about how much time she spends actually using twitter. Looks like a difference in philosophies!

Pulver jumping in again. Some people aren't liking that.

"The only rules I have about automation is: Be Social." If you wouldn't do it in front of another human being, don't do it.

There's great content in this presentation. Would love to see a slide deck that has a bit more of the structure and tips, rather than slides supporting the message. Not usually something I like, but I think it would work well with her presentation style since she speaks at a bit faster pace and is more conversational.


Paul Madden

Pulver's already jumping in on the first slide.....

Going to be looking at fake profiles, automating tweets, etc....Awesome.

- keyword response
- mass dm
- bots that masquerade as people (works best)

Problem: easy to code a bot, not easy to code a person.

"Don't make the fake person only promote the brand."

Pre-write tweets, put into a scheduler, then, communicate one-to-one with real person...hence, hybrid strategy.

Create an internal persona to follow.

Throttle points: 2000 follow limit (if you don't have

50% of people autofollow back. Even tested with a bot where profile said it was a bot and to not follow, 667 out of 1000 sitll followed back. AWESOME.

General tweets
links - no more than 1 link per 10 tweets as a rule.
* I want this slide.

Add engagement points "@seoidiot - payl, where are you from again?" etc.

~"They don't check to see if your foursquare location actually exists." HA.

This guy is crazy-awesome. Can definitely relate to reverse-engineering human behavior into technology....Paul totally gets it.

"The Rules" Slides are awesome.. Don't do this...don't do that..."And there are a bunch of rules about SPAM." /nextslide. Laughs from the audience.

Awesome presentation; lots of great content. Rarely that impressed with tech/process/automation. Really impressive.

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