Some big link wins are worth shouting about. Especially if they're earned through solid, unique content and a carefully orchestrated and delicate outreach process that your competitors are not going to reproduce easily. Here are some ways to communicate your wins and, in the process, try and get a little more distance out of them.

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At a certain point in every link building campaign the rubber meets the road and you start to execute on all your careful link prospecting and qualification. We hope that, through effective campaign design, you'll be able to move on to Link Acquisition, and not Link Begging.

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Once you have set link building goals then prospected, qualified and segmented your influential link prospects you must begin the actual work of link acquisition. Though tedious, the link acquisition phase provides much of the emotional highs and lows of large scale link building. It is at this stage that you finally test the theories, perceptions, pitches and subject lines of your overall link building strategy.

This article provides 9 tips for effective link building that will improve your efficiency and link conversion rates as well as the overall value that your link building efforts produce. At the end of the article you'll find a checklist of 27 information items we recommend having on hand as you begin your work.

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Your list of link opportunity urls - which you qualified out of your link prospect data set - must be segmented to increase the efficiency and conversion rate of your link acquisition phase. By segmenting your link opportunities you more effectively structure the work of acquisition and ensure that you approach each opportunity with the link offer most likely to result in conversion (the publication of your link).

Because you used your business goals to qualify your link opportunities, you know that all of your following efforts will meaningfully impact your link building KPIs.

Segmenting your link opportunities impacts your acquisition efforts in two ways:

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Once you've gathered and qualified your list of link prospects you must segment them according to the offers of exchange you'll make. For some of your link prospects these offers will be quite simple - an attractive badge, a tshirt or a discount coupon. For other segments of your link prospect list you'll have to expend more resources.

This list of 12 link exchange offers provides a starting point for strategically aligning your offers with the segments you'll find in your link prospect list. It's ordered by our assessment of resource expenditure, from least to greatest.

1) Offer Visually Appealing Link Badges Sometimes the offer of an attractive, appealing logo badge will be enough for your link prospects to add your link to their site. Include the badge in an html email, as well as on a page of your site. Ideally this is a unique badge you can offer exclusively to the people in your outreach campaign.

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During the acquisition phase of your link building project you will receive many rejections. Because the majority of your rejections will occur through non-response, it's vital that you grow any written "no" you receive by email into an opportunity to educate yourself. These written rejections represent an opportunity for you to improve your site's content, your future link building efforts and to better connect yourself to your media space influencers.

In the process of uncovering their main objections you will find yourself building a relationship that will help you in earning links in the future...

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In many cases your cold link request email is an unsolicited criticism of your link prospect's website.

How so?

It's unsolicited because your link prospects didn't seek you out and ask you how to improve the value of a page on their websites.

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Customer acquisition costs more than maintaining and growing business with customers you've already won. The same goes for your link acquisition efforts and expenses.

It's helpful - and ultimately more profitable - to see any new link acquisitions as the beginning of a relationship rather than the end. Remember - by linking to you they have acknowledged that your site is valuable to their visitors. Exactly how you grow the initial link relationship will depend on how you bring value to the community.

1) Send A "Thank You for Linking" Email Always send a "thank you for linking" email. Avoid smothering your new linker - a few lines are plenty. Do ask if they can think of any ways that your two sites could benefit each other. Also, consider asking this linker to connect with you on Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, etc if you operate profiles on these social media sites.

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Q1: Why does your link prospect operate a website?

A: He's providing value to his site visitors either for his profit, his passion or both. Q2: Why should your link prospect STOP his current task - obviously related to providing value to his visitors - and add your link to a page on his site?

A: Because by including your URL on his page he INCREASES that page's value to his visitors.

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