Perhaps the most difficult challenge to creating great content is coming up with the idea, angle, hook...whatever you want to call it. It's why I always keep a small notebook in my pocket; I never know when a great idea is going to come and if I don't write it down, I'm nearly guaranteed to forget it.

But the next great challenge, after I have the angle, is making sure I've done the best kind of research I can. And by "best," here, I mean that I need to know everything similar that has been published.

I need to know everything similar that has been published for two reasons. First, it will make my piece that much more complete to round it out and fill in holes with the angles that other have taken. And second, I get to see the blank spots that others haven't taken and can choose to emphasize those more if it makes sense to do so.

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It's a painful moment when you've completed a guest posting campaign, then later finding out that you missed an incredibly valuable opportunity you could have used for yourself or your client.

Perhaps the most important part of guest posting in a content marketing campaign is to ensure you've thoroughly researched for the most valuable guest post opportunities. The problem is, research takes time. It's tedious. It's easy to mess up and miss things. And, unless you're a nerd (nerd-alert here with six years of Science Fair under my belt), you probably don't enjoy culling through page after page, query after query, query permutation after query permutation (x guest post, x guest writer, x guest author, etc) in order to find the best guest post opportunities. Usually, you much prefer either writing, doing the actual outreach, or designing a campaign.

All that work just to find great guest posting opportunities? That's where Ontolo comes in.

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First, I wanted to thank Todd Malicoat (@stuntdubl) and Justin at Market Motive for having me yesterday. It was a real honor and pleasure working with them both. And if you haven't checked out Market Motive's online marketing trainings, do yourself a favor and check out their courses.

Next, I wanted to thank everyone who made time in their day for the presentation. From what I understand, we had a pretty large group! I intentionally discussed Ontolo's paid tools as little as possible and focused on what we believe is the best foundation for link building processes that exists. I hope that the information was valuable and that you're able to put it and some of the free tools into use with your own campaigns.

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In the early 2000s, Todd Malicoat and I crossed paths a few times before finally meeting and getting a few good conversations in at SES Chicago in December of 2006. Todd had started consulting a bit before I had, but there seemed to be something unique about him. Something told me we might end up discovering some unique similarities…

He’d developed a reputation as an all-star link builder, was working on his own and, at that point, was en route to residing in San Francisco. Things were happening for him and, soon, they’d be happening for me as well.

We kept casually in touch over the years and recently began catching up again last fall. It turns out we both ended up following some of the same 4-Hour Workweek philosophy; Todd with his trips around the world for sport fishing and myself with over 50,000 miles of road trips around North America for rock climbing. While our interests may have been different, lifestyle design and link building ran through our blood.

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This is a guest post written by Alex Petrovic an Advanced SEO strategist at Dejan SEO company [Dejan SEO's Twitter]

You’re working, link building and making progress and all of a sudden you're noticing your competitors are tapping into same link sources, sniffing your backlinks and taking over. You're pissed off, we all hate link stalkers, and there is too many of them out there. So what can you do?

Answer is not that simple, success of a link building campaign for long term depends on the links which are hard to replicate. So how do we build those kinds of links?

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Link Building with Guest Posts

The Complete Guide

Written by Ben Wills

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Howdy, folks! We're releasing a guide today that's written and designed like many more to come. Next week, we'll also be releasing a heavily-expanded version of this and will be calling it The Complete Guide to Link Building with Guest Posts. We will publish it as a PDF, accompanied by a worksheet/spreadsheet or two to help you through the process. When all is said and done, expect about 5,000 − 10,000 words of pure strategy and tactics for link building with guest posts.

The best part?

It's free.

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One of the most common questions we get in the Ontolo Help Desk is how to find specific kinds of link opportunities. Of those, Guest Posts might be the most commonly requested link type. Below is a modified and expanded response to one of our customers on how to do this with the Ontolo Link Building Toolset.

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I’ve met one true, undeniably talented Pickup Artist in my day. He was well-worn with a gently-firm smile and eyes that peered with an unwavering presence from three lifetimes of experience into the core of each moment. He saw things in a way that no one else I ever met could see them. And because of that smile, his experience, his loves, his wisdom and the amazing things he could do with his hands, he could paint a Model T truck like you’ve never seen.

Photo by dok1.

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We're getting pretty excited here at Ontolo. We're putting the finishing touches on V3 and are looking forward to rolling it out on Tuesday, June 28th.

The past couple of days, we've written about how to find more valuable links with your link building campaigns. Hearing peoples' comments and feedback, it sounds like a lot of you are starting to shift how you think about your link prospecting strategies. You're beginning to see how it's possible to build more valuable and more relevant links, much more quickly with the new Toolset that's being released next week.

Today, we're taking it another step further.

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