I've been doing SEO since August of 2001...well over 10 years now. In fact, one third of my life has been dedicated to search. And for as long as I've been in the industry, there's been one question that has never been answered:

     How do I need to direct my SEO efforts to rank for X?

Today, we begin the process of answering that question for you. Not only that, but we're giving the data away to you for free.

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Hey Folks!

I wanted to let everyone know that we've published four new videos for Ontolo tools. It's been a bit of time since we've published how-to videos, but now have almost two hours of video content for you on how to use both free and paid Ontolo tools.

Let us know what other content you'd like to see and we'll get on it!

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As we announced last week, the all-new Custom Prospecting Tool is live today. The Custom Prospecting Tool allows you to quickly and easily build prioritized, categorized link prospect lists for immediate export.

The main thing we’ve focused on is speed: We want you to get as many link prospects as quickly as possible. Period. To give you an idea of how quickly you can build prospect lists, here are three processing times for random reports we threw together. Each report had five Prospecting Phrases.

7,922 Link Prospects URLs found, 4,962 Unique. Time: 42 Seconds 3,492 Link Prospect URLs found, 2,714 Unique. Time: 27 Seconds 715 Link Prospect URLs found, 389 Unique. Time: 14 Seconds

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This has been released! See the release announcement here.

If you're a current Ontolo subscriber or trial user,   click here to go straight to the new tool.

If you aren't an Ontolo subscriber,   click here to sign up for a free trial.

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First, I wanted to thank Todd Malicoat (@stuntdubl) and Justin at Market Motive for having me yesterday. It was a real honor and pleasure working with them both. And if you haven't checked out Market Motive's online marketing trainings, do yourself a favor and check out their courses.

Next, I wanted to thank everyone who made time in their day for the presentation. From what I understand, we had a pretty large group! I intentionally discussed Ontolo's paid tools as little as possible and focused on what we believe is the best foundation for link building processes that exists. I hope that the information was valuable and that you're able to put it and some of the free tools into use with your own campaigns.

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In the early 2000s, Todd Malicoat and I crossed paths a few times before finally meeting and getting a few good conversations in at SES Chicago in December of 2006. Todd had started consulting a bit before I had, but there seemed to be something unique about him. Something told me we might end up discovering some unique similarities…

He’d developed a reputation as an all-star link builder, was working on his own and, at that point, was en route to residing in San Francisco. Things were happening for him and, soon, they’d be happening for me as well.

We kept casually in touch over the years and recently began catching up again last fall. It turns out we both ended up following some of the same 4-Hour Workweek philosophy; Todd with his trips around the world for sport fishing and myself with over 50,000 miles of road trips around North America for rock climbing. While our interests may have been different, lifestyle design and link building ran through our blood.

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We have now released an entirely new design to the Ontolo Toolset for quickly discovering relevant, valuable and high-quality link prospects very, very easily.

Click Here to Learn More About the New Version of the Ontolo Toolset →

Interested in more details on the additional changes? Here goes...

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A short story for your Friday...

In the late 1800s, the Japanese Zen master Nan-in was approached by a western professor who wanted to discuss his understanding of Zen.

Nan-in kindly obliged.

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Link Building with Guest Posts

The Complete Guide

Written by Ben Wills

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With the most recent version of the Link Building Toolset, we wanted to keep you up to date with more of the changes that go on behind the scenes.

We put a lot of work each day into the Toolset for you, and a lot of that work, while improving how well you're able to use the Toolset, often goes unnoticed. Sometimes, we may have even made updates to things that you were looking for, but wouldn't have known unless you had submitted a trouble ticket.

What we'll be trying out for the next few weeks is a weekly update of changes we've made. Sometimes, they'll be things that you have run into or would have run into, others, they'll be things you never would have thought to check.

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