Hey folks! Ben here. You might have noticed that after five consistent weeks of 20-50 minute videos, there wasn't one last week. And this is good because....

We've decided to shift the format of the videos to be more tangibly useful to each of you. So, instead of doing a higher-concept, long, drawn out video each week, we're putting together one great 10 minute video that showing you exactly, step-by-step how to take a piece of your link building efforts to the next level.

I'm really stoked about this series. When I started the videos, I knew we would end up calibrating, making some changes, etc. And, this is one of those changes.

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How You Can Assess Great Links: Link Qualification: Link Building Strategies Video Series 004

Welcome to Week 004 of the Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series! Link Qualification

The shortened video below, is a quick overview of what you can see in the extended, 26 minute version here. If you register (it's free!) you'll get immediate access to a higher-quality video that's has some great, in-depth training and information. Once you register, just head to this page to view the full video!

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I've been hearing it my whole life, and now I have undeniable proof: I'm long-winded. (Or, for those who share my "Long-Winded Explanation Disorder..." I'm thorough.) I have just completed a 50 minute video (after editing!) on Link Building Campaign Design.

The short version is only seven minutes and is embedded below. The longer version ate my CPU for breakfast and is available exclusively for Ontolo Members (Free Membership Registration Here!) right now.

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Uses for This Process:

Identify linking prospects for specific pages of your site. Quantify the proven linking audience for a potential linkable asset you haven't created yet. Compliment your link opportunity inventory for a particular piece of content. Problems with This Process:

It can take a bit of time, maybe 30 minutes if you're looking at backlinks to 5 different linkbait pieces. There's no "quality control" in that scraper "noise" can easily appear frequently. It doesn't remove sites that already link to you. It doesn't discover prospects beyond who currently links. Tools You Will Need:

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I've found it easy in the past to confuse and conflate "linkable assets" and "link opportunity types." This post describes both of these aspects of a link building campaign, and identifies how the concepts differ so that you can better construct campaigns and more clearly consider your work.

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We hold that link builders should split up their prospecting and qualification stages of link building. Doing this makes you more efficient. First we'll look at the definitions of these terms, then we'll look at why splitting up the stages makes you faster.

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We're excited to announce the publication of our article A Guide To Qualifying Link Prospects For Relevance, Value & Potentiality over at Search Engine Land.

The article enables link builders to more quickly qualify link prospects, and comes with a downloadable link prospect qualification worksheet that's preprogrammed to measure a link prospect's relevance, value and potentiality.

We're proud to join the link building contributors at Search Engine Land.

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Should link builders pursue nofollow links? We say yes, absolutely, but with two qualifications: the nofollowed links must have contextual relevance to your URL and measurable marketing value.

This article identifies 16 measurements that determine a link's marketing value outside of search rank influence. We work with 200k+ URLs at a time, so we focus on automatable, repeatable and/or scrapeable measurements. SEO for Firefox provides a great deal of the measurement data we recommend evaluating - in exportable format.

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Once you have identified your goals and KPIs and created your list of 100-250,000 targeted, rank-influencing link prospects (we crawl to build our large scale link prospect lists) you must further analyze them to identify those that will help you meet your link building goals. Remember, the criteria you set for qualifying link prospects must follow from your goals.

Even if you don't create link prospect sets in the hundreds of thousands you may find our qualifiers useful. At the end of the article you'll find all 55.

We recommend a 2-step approach in the qualification stage. First, use automated methods to focus on easily measurable factors to cull the list down to those urls most beneficial to your goals. Then use a by-hand, human review to further qualify and segment the best link opportunities.

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Setting clear goals enables you to focus your efforts on influencing search rank, your market's media (including social), or both. Consider these link building goals as you go about setting your own:

Examples of Clear Link Building Goals:

1) Increase conversions through targeted search traffic 2) Increase conversions through targeted referral traffic 3) Increase positive mentions from influential media

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