Yes. You can now run huge Instant Prospector reports for less than $0.12 per report on our highest level plan.

It's only $0.19 per report on our new service level at $47/mo.

We also upgraded free accounts to get 25 Instant Prospector reports. This can easily get you over 100,000 or 200,000 customized link prospects, prioritized, with contact information. For free.

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One of the main features that has been requested recently is the ability to exclude domains from your link prospect database searches.

Taking it a couple steps further than your requests, we released the following features today.

Domain Exclusions for Campaigns

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We've gone ahead and updated our SEO & Link Building Experts list, which now has 326 expert, their Twitter accounts, website, and RSS feeds all easily accessible.

We've also made it easy to let us know of changes or to suggest new experts, including yourself. Just fill out the form below to let us know of any suggestions and/or changes!

Ben & Andy

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As we wrapped up 2012 and have geared up for 2013, we've decided to commit to helping the SEO and link building community as much as possible. We look around the industry and see so many up-and-coming marketers, people moving from in-house to consulting, etc. And as we've shifted our focus at Ontolo away from agency services and toward building tools almost two years ago, we're better at building marketing tools than we are at marketing websites.

So this is where you come in and where we want to help. We'd love to help promote you and/or your business by interviewing you on the ontolo blog. We know that there are so many of you out there with great stories and tons to contribute that would be a benefit both to you and to our readers.

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Yesterday, we took a bit of a chance with you. We let you see some of the direct user feedback we had on the usability and interface of Ontolo V4.

It was embarrassing, painful and risky to be that open with you.

But the reality is, with 37% of users who canceled saying that the tools were difficult to use, we still didn't quite have the interface right.

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When people leave, we ask why.

These are some of the things they've said.


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Last night, I was outlining this post you're reading right now when I got a text message that someone had mentioned me in a tweet.

This is what it said:

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a paleontologist.

Like the data nerds in marketing nowadays, I was a dirt nerd. I'd go down to the creek and collect as much dirt as I could. Then, I'd get to my little bucket of rocks and painstakingly split open each one with one of my dad's chisels and a small hammer.

I was six years old.

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Today, we're very happy to announce the release of Ontolo's second major SEO/Link Building product:

Rank Landscape Reports Rank Landscape Reports allow you to design specific SEO campaign targets based on real keyword ranking data. In other words, it's one very big step closer to answering:

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I've been doing SEO since August of 2001...well over 10 years now. In fact, one third of my life has been dedicated to search. And for as long as I've been in the industry, there's been one question that has never been answered:

     How do I need to direct my SEO efforts to rank for X?

Today, we begin the process of answering that question for you. Not only that, but we're giving the data away to you for free.

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