At long last, the perfect gift for the link builder who has everything ;) It covers almost everything we've learned so far about link building!

It's 123 PDF pages of link building goodness and teaches folks how to:

Speed up link prospecting and qualification Build links without link begging Analyze the market to determine what kinds of content attract the most links Lots more :)

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Today we launched to add our link building methodologies and processes to the link building conversation. Please visit, read, think and let your mind simmer on the framework and strategy we outline. We welcome any feedback, and hope that we can contribute to your large scale link building efforts.

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Here at ontolo, we have been working for the past several months to solve one of the largest difficulties in search engine marketing and online marketing in general: Link Building.  Some of you know that I have been brainstorming this service for over 5 years and was hoping to one day be able to put something like this together.

Today, after spending the last six months designing and developing this solution, we are making this service publicly available.

This link building service is a large-scale market research tool that crawls the internet based on keywords and industries.  It assigns value to those pages based on the value, relevance, and potential.  It then categorizes approximately 75% of the web pages it finds as blogs, social networks, forums, press releases, etc...any number of over 50 web page classifications.  This makes it not only a link building tool, but also a PR, outreach, news, and social media research tool.

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