Transforming Link Prospecting Workflows with the Ontolo Toolset

This is a guest post by @Mathew Diehl of Charles River Interactive.

It’s Link Prospecting Day. Yay?

Very few people find these days exhilarating. However, it has to be done. You know as well as I do that without a refreshed list of prospects your existing contact pools will eventually dry up.

And you definitely know what is ahead too. A day that closely resembles scaling Mount Doom in Mordor…

Looks fun right?!

Down to business, you want to spend your day finding link prospects that are authoritative and round out your profile with additional links in blogs and directories.

The workflows of your day may go something like this:

8am – 8:10am: Boot-up brain with caffeine laced substance of choice

8:10am – 8:45am: Prospect footprint brainstorming & identification

8:45am – 9:30am: Search query brainstorming & construction

9:30am – 9:40am: Re-juice brain with 2nd dose of caffeine and crank up tunes

9:40am – 12:00pm: Prospect like they have never prospected before, with a work flow closely resembling:

  • Fire up the Goog
  • Pump in query after query
  • Review each result digging through results as deep as 100 or 200 deep
  • Grab important data like PR (page & root), SEOmoz metrics (page & root) and contact information for prospects
  • Record authoritative and relevant prospects into a spreadsheet
  • Ignore phone calls and emails because you are in THE ZONE!

12:00pm – 12:30pm: Lunch break! Sustenance and Fuud!

12:30pm – 5:00pm: Hit THE ZONE again!

5:00pm – 5:29pm: Wrap it up. Tabulate the day’s prospects. Note the day’s learnings (e.g. new footprints).

5:29pm – 5:30pm: Having a fleeting moment of success until they remember your competitor is scaling Mount Doom right on your ass and for some reason as they continue to inch closer they more closely resemble Sauron…

Pardon The Lord of the Rings metaphors but, is it that far from the truth?

With Sauron your competitors not that far behind it is important to work efficiently, time is of the essence because you are not the only one with their eye on your precious links. This is where the Ontolo Toolset comes in handy to restructure your link prospecting days to maximize efficiency.

Change your perception of link prospecting from ‘Yay?’ to ‘Yay!’

So, let’s start the day over and this time lets leverage the Ontolo tools in our work flow.

Daily link prospecting work flows transformed with Ontolo:

8am – 8:10am: Boot-up brain with caffeine laced substance of choice (this is a must have no matter what)

8:10am – 8:11am: Log into the Ontolo Link Prospecting Toolset

8:11am – 8:21am: Use Authority Links Tool to find and download a list of link prospects with a Page Authority score greater than 40 and a Domain Authority Score greater than 60, plus return contact information.

8:21am – 8:31am: Use Blogs Tool to find and download a list of blog prospects with a minimum sub-domain PR of 4 plus return contact information as well as social media accounts.

8:31am – 8:41am: Use Web Directories Tool to find and download a list of blog prospects with a minimum sub-domain PR of 1.

8:41am – 9:30am: Add/Remove research and relevance keyphrases and adjust link type weights to allow Ontolo’s back-end list building software to find next round of potential prospects.

9:30am – 9:40am: Email list of authoritative site prospects to person in charge of high profile link acquisitions (potentially client’s PR team).

9:40am – 11:00am: Email or conduct other outreach to blog prospects by engaging with on social media.

11:00am – 12:00pm: Submit site to directories.

12:00pm – 12:30pm: Lunch Break! Still have to eat.

12:30pm – 5:30pm: Hit the golf course.

Doesn’t that look so much more appealing than Mount Doom?

Leveraging the Ontolo Toolset you are able to condense your prospecting by reducing data scrounging and utilizing targeted tools that automatically segment your link prospects into targeted groups. These efficiencies allow you to download lists of prospects and move on to acquisition in a significantly shorter period of time from manual query list building. This gives you a huge advantage over competitors.

About the Author
Matthew Diehl is a Senior SEO Strategist at Charles River Interactive, a Boston search engine marketing agency that provides analytics, paid and organic search consulting for mid to large companies including clients on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America.

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