4 New SEO+Link Building Tools, 3x the Campaigns, 2x the Link Prospects, 1 Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface
By: Ben Wills |

We have now released an entirely new design to the Ontolo Toolset for quickly discovering relevant, valuable and high-quality link prospects very, very easily.

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Interested in more details on the additional changes? Here goes...

Major Campaign Upgrades:

  • All campaigns now get at least twice as many prospects, up to 50,000 new link prospects per month.
  • All campaigns now get at least three times as many campaigns as before, up to 25 campaigns per account. If you need more, don't hesitate to contact us and we can design a custom service level around your needs.

4 New Link Building Tools

  1. The new Prospect Search Form is so easy to use, your grandmother's grandmother could use it.

  2. A Competitor Backlink Search Form. Remember when we suggested that most people were missing the point with co-citation and multiple-citation analysis? This is how you do it the right way, with amazing results. The quality of results in this tool are absolutely unreal and the results get even better as your prospects database grows each month. If I had this tool four years ago, I never would have started Ontolo.

  3. A new tool to Research Top-Linked Content. This is a great tool for brainstorming new content or discovering new publishing avenues. Look for more content marketing tools in the next several months.

  4. The ability to Bulk-Edit Your Link Prospects, making for faster workflow and prospect management. This is one of the most consistently-requested tools that we've finally got out there for you guys.

11 Major Upgrades

  1. You can now search for your link prospects, just like you search on Google. We've added the following advanced search operators... inurl:, intitle:, intext:, and site:...which works for both full domains and also TLDs.
    Thanks to Gary Magnone at Thunder SEO for this idea.
  2. The Campaign Manager is now much more intuitive in design and easier to navigate, with each set of inputs organized around marketing disciplines (ie: Link Building, Competitors, SEO, etc)

  3. All results are now displayed right there, directly inside of the tool you are using. If you used the "sliding results" of V3, you might find yourself enjoying a little slice of heaven.

  4. We've updated the Manage Prospects tool, reducing clicks and windows and all that stuff. The usability here is much more fluid, allowing for easy workflow management.
  5. We've updated the Competitive Backlink Monitor graphs. Feedback we've received is that agency clients will love these. (note: this is available to anyone, for FREE, you just have to register and we'll monitor 25 competitors' key backlink metrics for you on a weekly basis.) We've also added the number of Root Domains linking to a competitor to this report.
    Thanks to Adam Henige at Netvantage Marketing for this idea.

  6. We've made the Filter Prospects tool completely open to the public, which allows you to quickly filter large prospect lists against sites you might have already approached, gained links from, etc. No need to register.
  7. We've created a new Quick Start Guide to help new users get set up well with their link prospecting.
  8. We've significantly increased the quality of our Relevance scoring. After doing this for 3.5 years, we feel like we're getting even more experience in assessing the different ways you can assess a prospect's "relevance." These lessons have been integrated throughout the prospect search results.
  9. You now have the ability to qualify link prospects, directly in the search results, with a single click. This was a major UX rough spot before that just got very much smoothed out.
  10. We've integrated documentation into every single tool, in three separate ways. Every tool now has a step-by-step guide, full documentation guide with use cases and how-tos, and every input can be hovered for a tooltip with an explanation of how it's used. Despite the fact that we've tripled the amount of documentation available on each tool, it's completely out of the way, yet you seem to notice it right when you need it.
  11. We've increased the number of Raw Prospecting Queries per Link Type from 10 to 25.

We hope you enjoy the new tools and features as much as we've enjoyed putting it all together for you.

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