The New Ontolo V5: Easier to Use, More Prospects & More Powerful
By: Ben Wills |

Yesterday, we took a bit of a chance with you. We let you see some of the direct user feedback we had on the usability and interface of Ontolo V4.

It was embarrassing, painful and risky to be that open with you.

But the reality is, with 37% of users who canceled saying that the tools were difficult to use, we still didn't quite have the interface right.

On top of this, more than one out of five canceled users said that they wanted more prospects.

We had changes to make.

So we made them.

And they're big.

To the tune of more than 4.5 million prospects per month, big.

Before you get to the demo video and screenshots, you should know about the plan upgrades.

And before I go over the plan changes, you should know this:

   Even if you have set up a trial in the past,

   you will be able to set up a new free trial today for Ontolo V5.

Back to the plan changes...

To better meet your link building needs, we've more than tripled most service levels.

Solo accounts now get 10 campaigns (from 3), 10,000 automated prospects per month (from 5,000), and 10,000 daily instant prospects (from 5,000).
   Solo accounts get over 300,000 link prospects per month.

Professional accounts increased even more than that. They now get 50 campaigns (from 10), 50,000 automated prospects per month (from 15,000), and 50,000 daily instant prospects (from 15,000).
   Professional accounts get over 1,500,000 link prospects per month.

Advanced and Competitve plans have also been more than tripled, getting
   more than 3 Million and more than 4.5 Million prospects per month.


As far as we know, there is no other customized link prospecting product on the market that gets you more link prospects at a lower cost.

We understand that you not only want as many great, relevant link prospects as you can get, but you want your link prospects quickly.

So we did that for you, too.

Searches on your automated link prospect database are now almost twice as fast, with a sample set of queries averaging 11 seconds with V4, now running in 6 seconds with V5.

And what about the Instant Prospector?

We ran a quick test to find "rock climbing tips" guest post opportunities and...

We found 3,343 prospects in 1 minute and 19 seconds from report setup to the time the prospects list was ready to download.

That's more than 42 relevant, unique link prospects per second.

   On demand.

Are you ready to begin quickly discovering hundreds of thousands - or even millions - of link prospects each month?

Click Here to sign up now and learn more.

We've really had a great time working on this new version of Ontolo for you. The v4 feedback was painful at times, as you saw (and maybe even provided), but to be able to put together a better, faster and more powerful set of link building tools for you has been immensely rewarding.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to respond to this email and let us know how we can help.




Ben & Andy


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