We Need Your Help.
By: Ben Wills |

When we launched the second version of The Ontolo Link Building Toolset last October, we quickly learned how important it is for you as a link builder to quickly find relevant and valuable link prospects. We’re glad to share with you that the interface has been completely rewritten, we will be releasing new service levels, and we’ve taken the first steps toward providing innovative and highly-useful Link Building Workflow Management tools.


The new Link Building Toolset, Version 3, is coming out in less than two weeks (June 28th). We have a few more features we are looking to add, we haven’t finalized the new pricing, and it would really help if we could understand what your dream link building tool would look like.

So, we made a short, quick, three question survey and we'd really appreciate any feedback you might have for us. With your feedback, we just might be able to put together the link building toolset to make link building that much easier for you.

Click Here to Provide Your Feedback:

Thank you all for helping to support Ontolo along the way. It really means a lot and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the most innovative and useful link building tools in the industry.


          Ben Wills and Andrew Davidoff

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