Webinar Notes: Efficient Link Building Processes & Tools with Ontolo & Market Motive
By: Ben Wills |

First, I wanted to thank Todd Malicoat (@stuntdubl) and Justin at Market Motive for having me yesterday. It was a real honor and pleasure working with them both. And if you haven't checked out Market Motive's online marketing trainings, do yourself a favor and check out their courses.

Next, I wanted to thank everyone who made time in their day for the presentation. From what I understand, we had a pretty large group! I intentionally discussed Ontolo's paid tools as little as possible and focused on what we believe is the best foundation for link building processes that exists. I hope that the information was valuable and that you're able to put it and some of the free tools into use with your own campaigns.

As promised, here's a copy of the presentation (in PDF) as well as links to the amazing companies and link builders that inspire us and our SEO tools week in and week out.

View the Webinar Here

Download the Presentation PDF

Click Here to Download the Presentation PDF

SEO Experts to Follow

Blogs We Study for More Advanced Link Building Practices

On the call yesterday, I mentioned that we look at each Ontolo tool as a package for a step in a process. Later in the year, we'll be giving you more control over how that process is executed and customized. Until then, we recommend reading a few blogs (In addition to the guys above, who regularly post advanced practices, tools, etc.) that go deeper into more advanced link building practices, integrating APIs, scraping, automation, Google Docs, etc.

  • SEER Interactive Blog - These guys regularly publish and break new ground on fantastically innovative link building ideas.
  • Distilled Blog - I always imagine these guys know how to pick locks, survive in the wild and, despite being based in the UK, imagine they were raised on a daily dose of MacGyver. They publish lots of great, custom solutions that are hacked together that simply get the job done in innovative ways.
  • Portent Interactive Blog - They write about various forms of marketing, but there are a few great link building gems in there.

Other Tools we Recommend for Link Building

  • Majestic SEO for the most comprehensive competitor backlink lists.
  • SEOmoz's Open Site Explorer for shorter competitor backlink lists, but (what we've found to be) more precise metrics.
  • Raven Tools - As I mentioned, their link manager is far superior to ours. If and as soon as we can, we plan on pushing prospects into their system.
  • HighRise and BuzzStream for CRM

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