You Get an Ontolo Discount Because Andy Wants a Tattoo?
By: Ben Wills |

“I think I might have had too much wine last night, because before I fell asleep, I thought it might be a good idea to get a tattoo. I’ve never had that thought before in my life.”

Andy’s not a big drinker and neither am I. But it’s the end of the year and he had just helped me drive a honkin-yellow, 22’ diesel moving truck (aka: The Golden Beast) – with tires that are as tall as the distance from my feet to my nipples and an awkwardly large step ladder that’s required to get into the cab – 2,500+ miles from Austin to Seattle. We made the trip in 58 hours which included over a thousand miles of rain and snow. Then he helped unpack the entire thing in a world-record 90 minutes flat. It was only a matter of getting settled into Seattle before a bottle of wine was in order.

After his tattoo comment, I was intrigued. We walked around the corner to Alki Cafe to get some breakfast and talk through this tattoo thing.

You should know that if you’re ever in the area, Alki Cafe makes a pretty awesome breakfast with generous servings of delicious hash browns for you starch lovers out there. Despite ocean-front real estate, they somehow only stay open until only 2pm every day. I guess that might be due to their prices being a little higher than usual. I can be pretty cheap, but sometimes it’s worth the investment when you’re buying something that’s pretty darned good.

So back to this tattoo thing…

Without going into the details of the tattoo (I consider tattoos to be personal unless someone tells me otherwise), there seemed to be a certain overtone to it all: He was considering taking a chance.

As with most years, the end of the year brings a certain reflection on things in my own life and the lives of others that I’ve been close with. It seems as though “taking a chance” might be a common theme and critical element of significant points of change or growth. I’m the kind of guy who likes to really dig into conversations with people about what it means to live a good life…their struggles and challenges, joys and sources of happiness, fears and passions, etc.

In almost every conversation I have with someone about their personal story – whether it’s starting a company or changing industries, giving an apology or forgiveness, shifting your outlook or frame of mind just a little bit, or deciding to eat healthier and work out more – it’s as though the simple decision to commit to taking a chance is a decision that catalyzes new discoveries, growth and significant improvement. Taking a chance is always that turning point.

Hmmm...now that I think about it, I wonder if that’s the real purpose of New Year’s resolutions; to help give you leverage on the first step of taking that chance...

Not only do I see this in my own personal life and the lives of others, but I also see this in business: Just trying out this idea over here that we had been hesitant to consider nearly always leads to profound discoveries and tangential benefits that can’t be “thought through” outside of the actual experience. I can’t tell you how many things Garrett has suggested and, after talking it out for hours on end, we “just tried it.” The different facets of value we got out of those experiences have always far exceeded what we could have imagined.

Ok, so maybe I’m getting a bit cerebral here, so I’ll cut right to what’s in it for you: In the entire 2.5 year history of Ontolo, we’ve offered a discount on the Link Building Toolset for a total of 18 hours…which is something like .083% of the time. ;)

Since then I’ve turned down hundreds of discount requests. But, you know what? Maybe it’s time to take a chance myself. Maybe it’s time to make the decision to commit to trying out this whole discount thing and seeing what happens. And, who knows, maybe it’s a good thing for you, too, to get over that initial hurdle and see what the toolset can do for your link building campaigns.

So here it is: for the rest of 2010, when you sign up for the Link Building Toolset, you’ll get 50% off of your first month. We’re making it easy for you to get started. If you’ve been at all considering getting out your credit card and see what you can really do with the Link Building Toolset after you’ve incorporated it into your marketing rhythm, Right Now is the time.

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Maybe we’ll offer discounts again, maybe we won’t. Either way, we’re looking forward to taking a chance and for you to have the opportunity to use a tool that has radically improved the way our customers build links.

And, who knows, maybe Andy will decide to take a chance on that tattoo. ;-) (I hope he doesn’t kill me for writing this!)

Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you to take your link building and search engine rankings to the next level in 2011.


Ben, Garrett and Andy

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