We recently conducted a group interview on backlink analysis for our column at Search Engine Land. We asked 30 link building experts 9 questions on backlink analysis and how they use it for campaign design, their favorite tools, and the finer technical details of what exactly they analyze.

Here it is: 30 Link Builders Discuss Backlink Analysis For Campaign Design

And here is Part 2: 71 Technical Factors For Backlink Analysis (From 30 Link Building Experts)

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Hot on the heels of our Link Prospect Qualification Guide at Search Engine Land, our guest posting spree continues, this week at Search Engine People.

Thanks to the nod from Jeff Quip and kind editorial guidance and image selections by Ruud Hein, we're pleased to present to you: 17 Ways to Accelerate Links to Your Link Bait (and Other Highly Linkable Content)

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We're excited to announce the publication of our article A Guide To Qualifying Link Prospects For Relevance, Value & Potentiality over at Search Engine Land.

The article enables link builders to more quickly qualify link prospects, and comes with a downloadable link prospect qualification worksheet that's preprogrammed to measure a link prospect's relevance, value and potentiality.

We're proud to join the link building contributors at Search Engine Land.

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Certainly you should be building links to your website, but to which pages? To achieve maximum ranking increases it's vital to begin with careful, strategic selections - and sometimes alterations - of your site's URLs.

This article identifies seven different types of URLs that would make excellent targets for a link building campaign... It also encourages marketers to consider thinking in terms of URL-level link building campaigns. We even recommend that you structure your work (spread sheets, keywords, tracking, notes, internal knowledge holders etc...) per URL for maximum results.

These strategy tips augment the process outlined in the Link Building Guide >>

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Should link builders pursue nofollow links? We say yes, absolutely, but with two qualifications: the nofollowed links must have contextual relevance to your URL and measurable marketing value.

This article identifies 16 measurements that determine a link's marketing value outside of search rank influence. We work with 200k+ URLs at a time, so we focus on automatable, repeatable and/or scrapeable measurements. SEO for Firefox provides a great deal of the measurement data we recommend evaluating - in exportable format.

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Once you have set clear goals and KPIs for your large scale link building campaign it's time to begin the work of prospecting. Large scale link building works best with thousands - or better yet hundreds of thousands - of link prospect URLs. Gathering this number of link prospect URLs requires tools. If you're conducting large-scale link building without developing your own crawler and scraper we recommend using free, web-based link data gathering tools.

When evaluating a free, web-based link building research tool, the main thing you want to look for is the ability for one of the following actions:

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Today we launched http://Link-Building-Guide.com to add our link building methodologies and processes to the link building conversation. Please visit, read, think and let your mind simmer on the framework and strategy we outline. We welcome any feedback, and hope that we can contribute to your large scale link building efforts.

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Once you have set link building goals then prospected, qualified and segmented your influential link prospects you must begin the actual work of link acquisition. Though tedious, the link acquisition phase provides much of the emotional highs and lows of large scale link building. It is at this stage that you finally test the theories, perceptions, pitches and subject lines of your overall link building strategy.

This article provides 9 tips for effective link building that will improve your efficiency and link conversion rates as well as the overall value that your link building efforts produce. At the end of the article you'll find a checklist of 27 information items we recommend having on hand as you begin your work.

Please contact us today to begin our large scale link building service.

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Your list of link opportunity urls - which you qualified out of your link prospect data set - must be segmented to increase the efficiency and conversion rate of your link acquisition phase. By segmenting your link opportunities you more effectively structure the work of acquisition and ensure that you approach each opportunity with the link offer most likely to result in conversion (the publication of your link).

Because you used your business goals to qualify your link opportunities, you know that all of your following efforts will meaningfully impact your link building KPIs.

Segmenting your link opportunities impacts your acquisition efforts in two ways:

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Once you have identified your goals and KPIs and created your list of 100-250,000 targeted, rank-influencing link prospects (we crawl to build our large scale link prospect lists) you must further analyze them to identify those that will help you meet your link building goals. Remember, the criteria you set for qualifying link prospects must follow from your goals.

Even if you don't create link prospect sets in the hundreds of thousands you may find our qualifiers useful. At the end of the article you'll find all 55.

We recommend a 2-step approach in the qualification stage. First, use automated methods to focus on easily measurable factors to cull the list down to those urls most beneficial to your goals. Then use a by-hand, human review to further qualify and segment the best link opportunities.

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