Analyze Phrase Occurrences

Get New Content Ideas by Finding Phrases that Occur Multiple Times in a Block of Text
Phrase Length
Stop Words
Text to Analyze


To analyze content for the most common phrase patterns.

Use Cases

  • To analyze content in search results that may represent language that increases rankings.
  • To analyze content in search results for additional content writing ideas.
  • To analyze content across multiple expert/high-ranking pages for additional content writing ideas.

How it Works

After inputting text into the 'Text to Analyze' box, in addition to any stop words you would like to add (it is pre-populated with common words to remove from Google search results) and define your phrase length to analyze, an exportable table will be returned with a list of phrases found and how many times they occur.

How to Use it, Step by Step

  1. Select a phrase length to analyze using the Phrase Length select box.
  2. Enter stop words into the Stop Words text box, each on its own line.
  3. Enter text into the Text to Analyze text box.
  4. Click the Find Phrases button.
  5. Review phrases and phrase counts returned.

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