The Ontolo Campaign Manager lets you manage all campaign details that affect every Ontolo product and tool.

Table of Contents

Buttons: Adding and Removing Campaigns

Use these two buttons, in the left navigation, to add a new campaign or to remove the current campaign. These are only displayed for Solo, Professional, and Agency account levels.

Tab: Campaign

Campaign Name: The name of this particular campaign. This is also used in the Campaign select box at the top left-hand side of the toolset, directly to the left of the page title.

Campaign Domain Name: The name of the domain associated with this campaign. Adding a domain here is a good idea so that it is also used in the Competitor Backlink Metrics report, which allows you to compare key link building metrics of your campaign's domain name against your competitors on a weekly basis.

Campaign Priority: The Prospecting Priority of this campaign. A higher priority indicates that we will allocate more of your link prospecting to this campaign. Setting a priority of "0" will still run the Competitor Backlink Metrics report and the SERP Dominator, but we will not do prospecting for it until it is set to a value greater than zero.

Notes: The Priority input is not used by Solo users and is, therefore, not displayed.

Left Nav: Campaign Progress

Here, you will see the various completion settings for this particular link building campaign. It allows you to quickly assess where things are incomplete and what else is left to be done. Different parts are shown based on your account level.

The Your Account section displays the overall completion and account settings, whereas the This Campaign section displays completion details of this particular campaign. To change campaigns, select a new one from the select box in the top right-hand side of the toolset, directly to the right of the page title.

Finally, the Help & Documentation has links to various, high-level help sections.

Tab: Instant Prospector

Select a Template: Allows you to create a new template from scratch, or choose a template you or the Ontolo community has made to then customize as your own.

Template Name: A name for the new template.

Prospecting Footprints: Prospecting footprints to use. Use [KW] for where Prospecting Phrases will be combined.

Share with the Community: Check this box to share the template and footprints with the community.

Delete this Template: Delete this template from your account. If you have shared it with the community and others have copied it, other people will still have their own copy in their account.

Tab: Domain Exclusions

Excluded Domains from All Campaigns: For all campaigns, enter domains to exclude from the Nightly Prospecting DB as well as (optionally) Instant Prospector reports.

Excluded Domains from the Current Campaign: For this campaign, enter domains to exclude from the Nightly Prospecting DB as well as (optionally) Instant Prospector reports.

Exclude Ontolo-Reviewed Domains from This Campaign: For this campaign, exclude websites that Ontolo has reviewed from the Nightly Prospecting DB.

Exclude Ontolo-Reviewed Domains from All Campaigns: For all campaigns, exclude websites that Ontolo has reviewed from the Nightly Prospecting DB.

Notes: The Exclude Ontolo-Reviewed Unlikely Prospects section is only shown to Professional and Agency users. The Instant Prospector also automatically excludes the Ontolo-Reviewed URLs for all reports.

Tab: Nightly Prospecting

Link Types: The kinds of links that you want to find. Click this to edit the Topics/Prospecting Phrases for this link type.

Topics: How many of your Topics/Prospecting Phrases have been used out of how many you have available for that Link Type.

Priority: The importance to place on this particular Link Type. A higher Priority value means we will allocate more of your link prospecting to this Link Type. A Priority of zero will ensure we won't do any prospecting for this particular Link Type.

Topics/Prospecting Phrases: The most important part of the link prospecting. Please spend some time setting this up carefully. This is where you customize the Ontolo Toolset so that we can find the best, most relevant link prospects for you. To learn the best way to setup this section, view the help documentation on Setting Up Your Prospecting Phrases.

Custom Tags: When reviewing your prospects, you may assign tags to help better organize your link prospects and workflow. This is where you manage those custom tags.

Notifications: Are sent via email any time we discover a link prospect that matches what you define as an ideal link target. This is a combination of the Topics/Prospecting Phrases in the Link Building tab, as well as the Notification Minimums on the Notifications tab.

Notification Address: The address to email link notifications.

Notification Frequency: How often we should notify you when we've found a link prospect that matches your requirements.

Notification Minimums: The minimum link metrics that a link prospect must have in order for us to email you a notification.

Note: This applies only to the Nightly Prospecting DB.

Tab: SEO

Top SEO Keywords: Here, add your top SEO keywords. These keywords factor slightly into your link prospect searches so that link prospects which will have the highest impact on your rankings are lifted to the top of your results. Top SEO Keywords are also used in the SERP Dominator, so be sure to add 25 keywords here to get the most out of this part of the tools.

Tab: Competition

Competitor Domains: These are used for the Competitor Backlink Metrics report which monitors key link building metrics on a weekly basis for your Campaign Domain Name as well as all of your competitors. It is also used in exports for the Instant Prospector and as a metric for searching your Nightly Prospect DB. Be sure to complete this fully with all 25 competitors.