To combine various categories of keywords in order to create a larger list of keyword/category permutations.

Use Cases

  • To combine various parts of keywords in order to generate all permutations.
  • To create permutations of keywords in order to do market research of who ranks across the board, similarly to the purpose of the SERP Dominator.

How it Works

After inputting 'Roots,' 'Stems,' and/or a 'Stem Replacement Variable,' click 'Generate Phrases.' You will then be presented with an exportable list of all of the keyword permutations.

How to Use it, Step by Step

  1. Enter a list of words/keywords into the Root Words/Phrases text box.
  2. Enter a list of words/keywords into the Stem Words/Phrases text box.
  3. Optionally, enter a text string into the Stem Replacement Variables text box.

    The way that this is used is that each occurrence of this string in each Root will be replaced with the Stem in that location.

       Root: [var] pie, [var] tart
       Stem: apple, cherry
       Stem Replacement: [var]
       Results: apple pie, apple tart, cherry pie, cherry tart
  4. Click the Generate Keywords button.
  5. Review and/or Export the keyword permutations.