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To monitor, track and report on your top competitors' key backlink statistics including PageRank, Google backlinks, SEOmoz backlinks, and SEOmoz Page Authority.

Use Cases

  • Monitor your link acquisition progress in comparison to your top competitors.
  • Identify key areas for further improving your backlink profile.
  • Identify competitors who are ranking well, but don't have high backlink statistics. These competitors often have strong link profiles that could be duplicated.

How it Works

The left-hand navigation allows you to view a single metric comparing all of your competitors, or to choose a single competitor and all of their metrics.

Configuration is set up in the Campaign Manager.

Choose What Kind of Report to View

All Competitors, Single Metric: View all of your competitors' link metrics on the same graph, using a single metric.

Single Competitor, All metrics: View all of the link metrics on separate graphs for one of your competitors.

Line Chart Displaying Changes Over Time

Simply click and drag to zoom in on a period of time, then click the Zoom Out button to zoom back out to the complete, historical view.

Exportable Table Showing Specific Data Over Time

View the details of the graph in an exportable table.

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