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To quickly filter new link prospect lists against other lists of previously-approached link prospect lists or other lists of URLs (ie: partners, rejected URLs, etc). Finally, the tool preserves any additional information that you may have for your URL when copied from a spreadsheet.

Use Cases

  • To filter a new link prospect list against previously-approached websites.
  • To filter a new link prospect list against rejected websites.
  • To filter a new link prospect list against partner websites.

How it Works

All URLs and domains in the 'Approached Prospects' list will be removed from the 'Potential Prospects' list. The result is URLs and supplemental data in the 'Potential Prospects' list except for any URLs or domains in the 'Approached Prospects' list.

How to Use it, Step by Step

  1. Add any URLs and/or domains you do not want in your final list into the Approached Prospects text box.
  2. In your new prospect list, make sure link prospect URLs are in the first column of your spreadsheet.
  3. Copy all URLs and supplemental data/columns into the Potential Prospects text box.
  4. Click the Refine Your Lists button.
  5. Copy/Export the results to your new link prospects list.

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