Ontolo offers a number of link building tools for link builders, SEOs and content marketers.

Ontolo offers both free and paid accounts. Free accounts have access to every tool below, except the Nightly Prospecting DB.

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Here's an outline of each of Ontolo's main tool with a quick idea of what it does, then links to the actual tool and help documentation.

Instant Prospector

Ontolo's Instant Prospecting Tool allows you to quickly create link prospect lists for specific link opportunities such as directories, guest posts, or sponsored links.

First, enter the topics of links you want to find (Prospecting Phrases) and the types of links you want to find (Footprint Templates). We will then go find link prospects that match those details.

Next, we organize the link prospects by a simple scoring system based on how often the prospect shows up in results and what its actual search rank is. We calculate this score for domains, subdomains, and URLs.

Finally, export a CSV with each of the scores (we defult to sorting by domain scores) making your list easy to quickly review in a prioritized manner.

Nightly Prospecting DB

Ontolo's Nightly Prospecting DB finds new link prospects for you each night. We then crawl each link prospect, adding them to a fully-searchable database, and bring in SEOmoz and PageRank metrics for each link prospect.

Competitor Backlink Metrics

Competitor Backlink Metrics reports monitor, track and report on your top competitors' key backlink statistics including PageRank, Google backlinks, SEOmoz backlinks, SEOmoz Page Authority, mozTrust and mozRank.

SERP Dominator

The SERP Dominator is used to track, report and analyze the top-ranking websites across your targeted keyword landscape, in order to identify the most-commonly ranking websites. These websites that consistently rank are then potential competitors or allies.