First off, if you made it through last week's 50 minute epic video on link building campaign design...pat yourself on the back. ;) Second, this week's is only just more than 22 minutes on Link Prospecting.

In this week's video on Link Prospecting, you will discover the following:

  • How to center link prospecting efforts on Linkable Assets or Link Opportunity Types
  • A battle-tested process for identifying your search engine competitors that's so great, almost every business we've shown this to has found out about well-performing competitors they previously didn't know existed.
  • The subtle difference between relevance-based link building and backlink-based link building.
  • The three sources of relevance-based link prospects, including Search Results, Link Building Queries, and Social Media Monitoring.
  • The two sources of backlink-based link prospects, including Competitor Backlinks and Multiple-citation Analysis.
  • How to use Trackur, a Social Media Monitoring Tool, for having link prospects come to you.
  • How you can use SEOMoz and Majestic SEO backlink data for large-scale multiple-citation analysis.
  • The three Ontolo Link Building Tools to help you dramatically reduce your time spent on link prospecting.