Howdy folks! You might be wondering how I've been posting for the past two weeks, even though I'm in San Francisco this week and was in Seattle last week. Well, the secret is: I love you all so much that I recorded these a couple of weeks ago. (And I'm sure you all just thought my hair didn't grow very quickly.)

Onto(lo) the good stuff!

If I were giving dating advice, this would be the pickup lines section of the link building process.

This seems to be the biggest sticking point for people: "What do I say in my link request emails?" And, here, in Week 05 of the Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series, you'll find out how to use those pickup lines....errr...write those link request emails.

You'll also find out:

  • The single over-arching question that, when applied to link outreach, can dramatically increase your acceptance rates.
  • Active vs. Passive Link Acquisition
  • Preciprocation, how it works, how to make it awesomely successful, and why, without it, you're leaving links on the table, week after week.
  • Detailed, step-by-step guidelines for writing link outreach requests.
  • The only four ways that someone will respond to your link outreach emails (and how to handle each of them).
  • Some tips and recommendations for Link Building CRM.