Link builders and SEOs (that's you) are some of the greatest minds and kindest folks in marketing today. Beautiful things happen when a community is created and cultivated. We believe we can help create a small bit of space for this kind of collaboration.

Here at Ontolo, we believe that the SEO and Link Building communities have much more to offer than we ever could on our own. We are not the experts. You are. We just try and help you become better link builders.

In that spirit, we've opened up the Ontolo Blog for guest post submissions.

Ontolo readers have certain kinds of content and quality guidelines that work best for them. Here's a list of some things to consider when submitting an SEO or Link Building guest post for the Ontolo Blog.

General Guidelines

  • It must be on topic for SEO or Link Building. This can include information about content marketing, social media marketing, etc, but your post is more likely to get published the more it ties back into SEO and/or Link Building.
  • Your post must be high quality. Our readers here are generally very knowledgeable about SEO and link building. Your content will need to match their understanding and level of expertise.
  • You may include links in your guest posts. BUT, if they're obviously promotional and not helpful for the content, we will require that they be removed before accepting your submission. Bottom line, if you want to link out, go for it, but make it useful for the reader.
  • You'll get to include a byline with up to three links: 1, A link to a personal site/blog. 2, A link to your company's site/blog. 3, A link to a social media account. Feel free to optimize any of the link text in this byline.
  • You are allowed to link to other content you have written. But, beware that our readers will err on the side of assuming you're simply helping yourself to links if you do it too much or in ways that are obviously not of value to the reader. Do this tastefully and usefully.
  • We don't allow affiliate links in guest posts.
  • Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet.
  • You agree to not publish the post anywhere else (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs).

Content/Technical Guidelines

  • Submit your post in HTML as a plain-text document.
  • The post must be at least 500 words.
  • Your bio must be no more than 50 words.
  • Don't forget to include any images you'll need to include in the post (if they're not linked to externally through, say, Flickr).
  • Use H2 tags for sub-headings.
  • Make sure to include the author byline at the bottom, with the link to your website already formatted.
  • Your post may be also be edited prior to publication for quality or clarity.

Finally, I'll take this straight from Men with Pens, "Our focus is on providing readers with useful, practical, helpful, actionable information that brings readers significant benefits. Be an expert – it helps if you know what you’re talking about! Educate, teach and show people strategies to improve their..." SEO & link building.

To submit a guest post, email support [at] ontolo (dot) come with the subject line of "Ontolo Guest Post Submission" and include the following:

  • Attach your post in HTML (code in links, images, headers, etc) as a plain-text document.
  • Attach any images you'll need to include in the post (if they're not linked to externally through, say, Flickr).
  • Include a brief, 3-5 sentence summary of your post.
  • Include why you think our readers would benefit from this post.
  • Include links to other content (preferably other guest posts) that you've published.
  • Include a link to your own blog or where you write regularly.

That's it! We're looking forward to sharing your content with our readers!

Credit where credit's due. The following sites/pages helped to put these guidelines together: