Count URLs and Hostnames

Returns the Number of URLs or Hostnames in Your List
URLs List
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To count the URLs and Hostnames from an input list of URLs.

Use Cases

  • To count URLs from link prospect lists to prioritize opportunities.
  • To count hostnames from search results to discover opportunities like guest posts, directories, and more.
  • To count hostnames from search results to discover what sites are ranking the most often.

How it Works

After inputting your URLs into the 'Input List' box and you choose which type of count you would like to perform, URLs or Hostnames, you are then presented with a an exportable table with your URL or Hostname counts.

How to Use it, Step by Step

  1. Enter a list of URLs into the URLs List text box.
  2. Select if you would like to count URLs or Hostnames.
  3. Click the 'Count' button.
  4. Review and/or export the results returned.

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